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Tire Pressure


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How man of you keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure stamped on the tire,I hear so many drivers and owners say it’s to much and keep them 10 to 20 lbs less,I read some where to get maximum mileage keep them fully inflated?

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Some tire manufacturers recommend a little less air pressure when running duals.  This is because, due to uneven wear or the shape of the road, one tire can wind up with more weight on it than the other.  Having a little less air pressure in them allows for some natural compensation between the two tires.

This is also why the weight rating on a set of duals is sometimes (always?) a little less than double that of a single.

At least that is how one of the big tire manufacturer's engineers explained it to me.

Even the original door stickers on the older trucks called for a little less air in the duals than in the steers.

You made get varying opinions on this.

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In my Pete's I run 100#. I am still pondering what I will run in my B. I'm thinking 50-60. In my Model A pickup, I was running 32 like I typically do (and I believe it says on the sidewall) but the truck is so light on the back that they were rock hard and it was ROUGH with coil overs. I dropped the pressure down to 22 IIRC, basically to where I thought the sidewall "looked" right. On Ag tires, air pressure is determined by squat. The 710 70R 42's on my sprayer, according to Firestone, should be 36" from ground to centre so that is where I set the air (loaded) , 16PSI in back, 12PSI in front. Point is, it depends on what you are doing with the rig. BIG difference between my Pete (body job) which carries 16 Tonnes and my B which will carry the weight of a 5th wheel holiday trailer (and not a heavy one). 

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we run the milling machine and large rollers on the lowboy, everything else usually goes on the 30 foot deck 20 ton talbert tag along trailer. the large paver is only 20k lbs, so that and a 5 ton roller or cat skid steer fit with no problems. 

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