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A ride in my B


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Larry after reading about your truck I slid in a rear out of a freightliner air ride I wish my truck was a little longer wheel base I think it would help. Is your tranny a 15 or 13 I ended up with a double over triplex and a 3.90 rear I could of lived with the 4.64 rear I had.

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Dave, it's a 15 spd(single over).  Many years ago I was looking for a double over to get more road speed out of my 4.62's.  Never happened, so I cut the gearing when I added the air ride.  The rear actually came with 3.70's but figured I'd never use OD with the old 673 so I swapped it to 4.10's.  Now I wish I had kept the 3.70's.  The 237 would likely do real nice with that ratio?  Right now it is 65 mph at 1800 rpm in OD.  I think I could knock a few RPM out of it without hurting anything.


Mike, sorry no radio or tape deck.  


Keith, I made sure it was plenty low enough...LOL!

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12 hours ago, Freightrain said:

Yes, moved the nut.  It would only get maybe 900* on a hard pull. Now it goes about 1100*.  Fuel economy has not changed.


Well I hope the boss doesn't see the broken seal on the pump, you'll have to fire yourself for tampering with the pump.

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