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Vertical lift cab

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Crap, the info link didnt come up.. I was trying to send you to the site.  I typed in Mack D Model and just looked at the images supplied until I found this then clicked it and it had a link.. mabey you can read it..

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Doug Maney, the curator of the Mack Museum has one that he has shown at Magungie several times.. PM me and I can send you his email address. That is his truck in the above picture, You can still see where the Sinclair Oil lettering was..

I have some pictures but am having trouble with Postimage bringing them up and posting..



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What you have there is a second-styling D-model.  In 1956 the design was modified to improve the truck including the trim band around the cab and the rear corner windows.  The Verti-lift cab could be raised manually or by optional the optional electric pump.  A total of 832 D-series were produced between 1955 and 1958.  

Yours seems to have all of the necessary items, the front grill dish and the side Bulldog emblems.  Make sure you keep them secure.  

My gallery has additional photos of my D-42.

If you decide not to progress with the project, let me know. 

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Interested in Old Trucks? Check out:


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