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Went to visit Chris Olsen yesterday

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The R that I drove most of the time when I was young (and the world was too) was a '67.  The interior was about that same color of pale green.  Always reminded me of the inside of a school bus.  The later ones we had were darker...more of an olive drab color...and more of a flat finish.  I think the '70 I had was that darker green...before somebody painted it white.  Apparently, the color changed sometime between '67 and '70.

Looks like the throttle knob is missing.  Sure hope he can find an original one to match the fuel shutoff.  They look a lot better than the plastic replacements you see so often.  Is that a pyrometer in the center panel?  Really like the padded panels at the top of the doors.  The paint always got rubbed off right in there.  The diamond plate headlight panels are great, too.  The look like a factory upgrade!  Matching pieces on the door jambs look cool, too.  Looks like it could use a long-eared dog!

I changed many a filter in that old-style "oil clarifier" canister!  I was surprised that I could still get the filter cartridge and the seal for mine when I had it.  The check valves on it leaked down, though.  Made it kinda tricky to check the oil level!

He sure has a nice ride there. I'd like to see a lot more info and pictures for that one.

Please pass on my appreciation (or it it jealousy?) to him.  Looks like a lot of work/time/money invested.  Kudos!

"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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im positive they went to dark green 68-72...then first plastic dash 73,,,had a hideous shade of tan....i had one...lol...i got lucky,,,bought mint pair of stop throttle cables off a friend of mine in galt california....also thought i would brag,,,i broke in on a 68 R model...bob

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oooooooooooooooooooooooooo forgot to mention,,,interior shade does look like childhood school bus,,,,lol....i  didnt even of that..that s just what it looks like,,,,i can also remember what the brand new buses used to smell like inside...bob

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