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EN464 fuel pump

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I have a 464 also in a B75 Firetruck- I sent mine to Kanter Auto Restoration http://www.kanterrestoration.com/

They rebuilt mine like new in about 3 days cost  $84 but that was a few years ago. They normally do AC Fuel Pumps for chevy's etc. Just call them and let them it is a regular type AC Fuel pump and you know another guy that had a few rebuilt by them and are still working.




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2 hours ago, b422 said:

I only found stuff for the carb not the fuel pump

Sorry I also meant to put info for fuel pump. TERRILL MACHINE INC. 1000 CR 454, DeLeon, TX 76444 PH: 254- 893- 2610. I've used them for automotive  fuel pumps and always been satisfied. They don't have a website.

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Yup, needs to be rebuilt.  You can contact Kanter or Daytona.  The links are above.  If they can't help, they will be able to suggest alternative shops.  A google search for fuel pump rebuilders will get you a list of folks also.


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2 hours ago, JasonGottschalk said:

I’m looking for information on fuel pump system on my b42 with 401.  The pump is pumping but doesn’t supply enough to the carb and loses prime. 

Should be six check valves in there. Three on the up, three on the downstroke of the diaphragm. They like to stick when getting old. I just rebuilt both mine last year. Found everything online easily with the pump number for about $25.00 each kit.

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I have ordered my rebuild kit for my fuel pump but can’t figure out how to get the old diaphragm apart to but the new one in. Has anyone ran into this and can point me in the right direction. Thanks 

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