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Here comes the new Super-Polar mining truck!


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Sisu Trucks  /  January 16, 2017

The first heavy Sisu “Super Polar” 10x6, ordered by a global Austria-based mining company, was shipped to Germany on January 6 where a custom-built body will be mounted.

Customer delivery will take place in February.

The Sisu Polar 10x6, with a rated GVW of 45 metric tons, is built on the Sisu’s proven reinforced 460mm high frame.

A tridem (three driving axles) suspension system has been specially developed to carry the large total weight and always distribute the load evenly on each axle, giving the truck greater towing capacity in extreme conditions.

The drivetrain consists of a 625 horsepower Mercedes-Benz engine, 16-speed PowerShift 3 automated manual transmission (AMT) fitted with a Voith Turbo Retarder Clutch and reinforced Sisu axles.

This Super Polar series is an important part of Sisu’s Polar line-up development program that covers the most demanding, truck-based products transportation solutions.


image 2.jpg

image 3.jpg

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Good catch there Swishy, liftable and driveable axles are catching on everywhere but North America now. IIRC one of our posters, "Mackville", built a lifting and driven 3rd axle to turn a Mack tandem into a Tridem. Reportedly Mack engineers even came by to take a look at it, wonder if his invention wasn't the inspiration for the Euro driven and liftable axles we're now seeing? 

As far as the engine choice, could be that the Sisu doesn't have enough power or maybe they needed a Euro 6 engine?

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7 hours ago, Swishy said:


Gudday M8

the rear axle  hub looks like a driven axle

n the Euros have now got drive axle with a release drive n raise

udder words drop it down n engage drive to mke it a 10 x 6

= 10 wheels driven by 6

Butt wadda eye kno





Thx-it looked to me like same as two front axle hubs but I'm clueless about the driven tags/pushers in  EU-thx for education.

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37 minutes ago, kscarbel2 said:

Bob, this link shows clear pictures of Sisu's 10x6 tridem drive axle arrangement.




Thx-even a blind man like me can see the rear dif!  I can't believe that conventional configurations don't make it even in these heavy off road applications.  The premium cost for these high tilt configurations has to be significant.  

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On 2/15/2017 at 8:50 AM, TeamsterGrrrl said:


As far as the engine choice, could be that the Sisu doesn't have enough power or maybe they needed a Euro 6 engine?

I know sisu makes big horsepower engines. Straight 6, straight 7's and even v motors. The ones we ran in AG equipment are very fuel efficient. 

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