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1962 Mack B-615

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1 hour ago, mowerman said:

Best part about it they didn't spoil it with those Alcoa's..Lol not a big fan of them....bob

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10-4 Bob.  Spokes forever-for sure on a Mack of that vintage.   Also my preference would also be to lose the visor.  But to each his own.  When I was doing my B over I went out and bought a couple of new single  Grovers.  Then I got to thinking-after looking at bunch of old pics/ads. Took the Grovers back and got  the conventional duals- then agonized over pictures- again on the "correct" mounting position.

In any case beautiful truck for sure

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7 hours ago, Vladislav said:


By some reason I enjoy them better than longer hood B73/75's.

Is that a V8 thing?

That is Rick Muys truck, He has had it a long time, he and his dad did all the work. It is a really nice B!! It no longer has the V8 but I think a good running 237, quad, big rears and spokes. The hood is only 8 inches shorter than a B-75 and this truck has been mistaken more than once as a B-75 with the big radiator. The orange and black B-61 they just finished is outstanding too.


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