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New Mack customer

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When I think back to the great dealers around our area the one thing they would do is keep a truck or 2 in the color of the bigger fleets in the area with hopes of selling to them. Even seen a few with the stripes etc on them to lure em in.

A good friend just bought his first Mack ever.........4 of them. This is a 3rd generation company that has been a loyal PACCAR customer since the 40's. I was surprised by the following:

1. Mack did not put the company stripe on the trucks........I told the salesman he missed an opportunity to really please him as they could have went to his shop asked for the vinyl and took it even to the dealership to install.

2. Same goes for the company name stickers for the doors

3. The overall paint quality of the trucks was poor. Bad orange peel finish along with half the air hoses/electrical painted and some not.  Also just using zip ties to hold the stuff on the frame?

3. One truck has a clearly defective left fender where it appears something was in the mold when the hood was cast. This should have been caught in QA at the factory. Hard to see in the pic but in person it is a noticeable flat spot.

All I can say is I hope they run well and meet his needs as this is a big win for Mack to get his business. He even let the young salesman bring one to a recent truck show to give Mack some publicity.

Mack fender.jpg

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Like you say QA at the factory. Zip ties I guess you can expect that on the newer plastic trucks. There are different grades of zip ties hopefully they use the higher quality

ones. I guess the old metal clips with rubber inserts are to time consuming and are not as adaptable.

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2 hours ago, Wobblin-Goblin said:

So much for legendary Mack build quality. Bs, DMs, and Rs put Mack on a pedestal, now it appears as though that pedestal has been traded in for a toilet.

I believe the QC inspector crabs it and than the managment decides to let it go or repair it, some body was indifferent.

With Volvo owner ship it is a Bidet

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On the subject of  quality control I was in the welding business in the middle 70s and I built a complete set of Milwaukee and Rockwell power tools all American made.sometime in the last two yrs. Milwaukee went offshore! Their older model grinders,drills etc, are still heavy an look the same, prices are still among the highest in the tool industry,but I. Noticed they are offering some lightweight cheap looking tools at a lower price. I needed  a 4.5 inch grinder to complete my set.found it in a pawnshop for 38 bucks. Made in USA. I'm only gonna use it occasionally .Will buy a harbor freight 11 dollar grinder for my dirty work and throw it away when it "pukes" I know you guys work on your trucks and may assume that Milwaukee tools are still made here,they hide it well but nope! Also Rockwell,ridgid,Bosch,Makita Dremel etc are made in Mexico and China. Happy 4th of July!

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Way to send all of the factories overseas Kennedy,Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Busch, Clinton, Busch, Obama, Hillary? Maybe Trump can slow this down.

Its doubtful though. Too much money to be made and too many traitors in the mix (Dem and Rhino establishment traitors) IMHO of course.

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