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864 V8 question

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Trying to get a few things done in between rain showers,I'd like to get the B815 ready for Walcott show in July. When we unloaded it Sat.a.m.,had to give it a short shot  of ether to get it to fire. It started and ran fine for 10 minutes while we unchained it but died when we tried to back it off & wouldn't start. I checked fuel tanks and it didn't smell too good so I told Mikey to check fuel filter. Sometime in its life someone added a dual spin on fuel filter head to the firewall & an electric lift pump. The filters were nasty,what I dumped was mostly water & rusty looking shot,plus one had a small hole in it. Changed those & with another small snort of ether it fired up and ran fine,problem solved I thought. Next time I went to start it I had to give it another shot of ether to make it fire,then it ran fine. I let it run awhile & drove it around a little,then shut it off & tried to start it right back up,no go without ether. I know these pumps were troublesome,but knock on wood I'd never had any issues with any of my other 864's. Anyone have any ideas other than stock up on ether?post-17449-0-25387900-1403447390.jpg

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The only two things that warrant Ether with a diesel is a lot of blow-by. Even harder to start after sitting or in the cold. The other is a bad charge/ lift pump or the injection pump not building pressure at low RPM's. I have had both problems with some of the engines around here. You can rule out the blow-by because it died just sitting there or after running and warm. The pump is a little harder, Does that rotary pump have a charge/lift pump originally? 

Sound like the previous owner had the same problem, installing a electric lift pump already. I have been talking about charge pressure in another post. See what the pressure is from the electric pump first. If you got a few PSI, then it's you injection pump. Both may be gummed up from sitting, is there any way to run some cleaner through it on the engine? Worst thing have the injection pump worked on if you can find someone.

I has seen in a photo a 1 1/2" hose with plug under the dash of a B  so the driver can give the engine a shot of Ether from inside the cab. It would work... what else would it be for.... LOL

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