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Mack F700 parts truck


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F700 parts truck for sale. Whole or parts. Can very rusty. Body never used but floor boards need replacing. Engine gone. Trans and rears probably have water damage. $800 OBO. Mike

Lost storage. Other trucks in the background also available.


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That didn't take long. Could you smell the FWD? The IH is not mine but the others are. I would part it, but I bought it for the cab and engine. I will keep them if I can't sell the whole thing. What do you need? Your truck looks pretty complete to me. It has and RD 501 and a 5 speed. Oddly enough it is four wheel drive. Unfortunately it has hydraulic brakes. What specs do you want?

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Wow I never would have imagined that an F.W.D. is FWD that's pretty weird. I was wondering if it had a Wauky. Would have been interested in engine parts if it was a Wauky, also cab glass and other misc pieces if you weren't interested. If you do wind up parting it out I might be interested in the 4x4 xfer case, the axles and possibly the hydrovac booster. Maybe the tranny if it's a Clark over-and-up overdrive 5 speed. Don't have a lot of money though, might be willing to sell my body. Would be keeping them "just in case."


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The cab is pretty bad. Never considered putting an engine back in it.

Sakis, I'll have to look at those things. It does not have carpet. Not sure about the others.

I was thinking about cutting he front off and mounting it on the wall. Probably never do that though.


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