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question about a new truck that i just bought


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A 350 is only faster than a 300 Maxidyne out on the highway running at 50 MPH and above- With it's broad torque curve the 300 Maxitorque will match a 350 in accelleration because the flow of power will be interupted half as many times. That's why Maxidynes have long been preferred for trucks that run in town, and Econodynes have been preferred for trucks that run on high speed roads with few stops.

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I think every one has just about summed it up I have said it before on here back in the sixtys when Maixidynes first came out in OZ they did a road test between Melbourne and Sydney and they proved that although the Maxidyne felt slower over a long journey it proved to be quicker and cheaper to run than anything else that was around on the day

Just a bit more useless information Melbourne to Sydney is about 800 km and crosses our biggest mountain range twice so before spending big heaps of coin you cant get back it might just pay to check some figures


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