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I was wondering

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OK first off I have been thinking of buying a glider kit so I can get rid of the emissions. I came across this site and joined. Here's the questions (thanks to all of the v8 stories) Would a 2015 Titan have a wide enough frame to be able to use a 425 V8? The second question is did Mack make an "E" model V8 as I would like to use electronic cruise control?.

Of course this truck wouldn't replace all the memories of the 1978 Superliner I drove in the oil field. It had the 325 V8 with the 12 speed..put those paccar bullhaulers to shame. They couldn't keep up.lol

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The biggest issue with an older engine in the newer Macks is the dash, you can always make an engine fit and bolt up if you try but the dash is electronic in all of the newer trucks and runs off the body control module and ecm. If you don't mind building a new dash cluster to use analog guages its not an issue but the dash in a titan is all electronic gauges driven by a computer that wouldn't be there with a repower and it may be a bitch to make a new one. Oh and then you'd be an outlaw to the EPA, which isn't an issue to most people, damn gummint!

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can you buy a glider kit from Australia ??????? I have no idea if you can or cant donno about a electronic E9 ?? never heard of one or seen one but that dont mean much though !!! if it was me I would just buy a R 700 V8 or a Super liner it will hold its value a lot better than a new truck but thats just me

Mack Townsville local Mack dealer emailed me the other day wondering if I would be interested in a new Superliner 685 HP M10 Mack 12 speed Mdrive what ever the heck that is ?? only rated at 70 ton will increase to 105 for road train work must only cart half a load on the last trailer ?? has a sleeper dont want one of them and is white cancelled order on of 4 cancelled no good to me anyway



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