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  1. I pull a gas can and get home every night. So not looking to run OTR. My wet line runs my pump on trailer. Also pull a dump few times a year to haul a little grain or rock. Occasionally grab my brothers detach to move something for him when he has had truck trouble. But my day job is fuel.
  2. My issue with having own authority is I haul Hazmat and the insurance is not affordable for just one truck. So I just about have to lease.
  3. My reason for selling is somewhat unfortunate. But my work has been extremely slow at times this year. I am trying to lease to another carrier that has a much larger customer base. They unfortunately will not take a truck more than 7 years old no matter how good the condition. So I have to upgrade to a newer model. I am in a rural area and just not a lot of choices here for work. So I feel this is what I have to do to keep moving forward.
  4. For sale 2001 CX613 70in midroof Etech 427 Eaton 13spd 3.73 rears 660000 actual miles. Truck is fully customized inside and out was a former show truck. Truck has Rochester stage 2 injectors and their HP Vision turbo. Many new parts. Truck is owner driven well maintained and working daily. Also has gooseneck hitch, receiver hitch, electric brake controller and 7 pin RV plug. Nearly New virgin drives on all aluminum rims. Good brakes and drums. 2 line wet kit, rear hydraulic PTO for Jack shaft and electric tarp controls. Asking 38,000 OBO. Call or text Chris at 618 841 1549
  5. I said neway in my first post and may have misstated. I was wanting a comparison between the maxair and what's common on most modern road tractors. AL I think.
  6. And that name did draw some attention and stir a little interest.
  7. I got that name from my alignment guy. I didn't know the actual name either. He called it that because of the twist in the trailing arm. I'm not real impressed with the ride. And also seems to not hold alignment well.
  8. Just wandering if any of you could compare the ride quality between the twisted sister and the neway style. I have the twisted sister style now but was thinking about switching.
  9. Nitro coat in Nashville does the coating. Have a buddy that uses them for his rock crawler headers.
  10. I had a new EUP that was leaking fuel internally down into pan. Pressurized fuel system and dropped pan was the only way we located it. That turned into a costly deal just goes to show you can't count on new parts either.
  11. 01 CX when air pressure drops to cut in level air starts hissing from dryer for sometimes 2 minutes or more then stops and pressure builds as normal. During this the pressure holds constant but noticed if I'm building a lot of boost during this time hissing gets much louder. Just wandering which end to look at first compressor govner or dryer.
  12. Rowdy. I'm running Rochester stage 2 injectors and their vision HP turbo on my 01 427. The injectors where 900 and turbo was just 200 more than a stocker. It's a whole lot more turbo than stock as well. It made night and day difference in the way truck pulls. It just hangs in there at 13 to 14 hundred and pyro has never hardly reached 1000 even on hot days. At stock when the fan kicked on you would just about have to drop a gear now don't even notice its on during a hard pull. And mpg increased 3/4 3.73 lopro 22.5 wide base drives 13spd 7.3 average last 2 quarters. Running 80 one way empty back most of the time. And boost gage is always up there no matter how hard your in the throttle.
  13. MVision Heavy Diesel tuner did my ecm tune. He is in NW IL. Just shipped ecm to him and it's a one day turn around. My Mack dealer reflashed it back to stock. I have considered sending back to the tuner for maybe say a 50 horse tune but haven't decided if its worth it or not. Once you have him tune it he will retune if needs for no charge other than shipping cost. I think he might offer delete but can't remember. You can Google Heavy Diesel Tuner he has web site. There are some others that come up now when you Google Mack egr delete but I know nothing about them. If you get a delete from one of them it should include changes in the ecm tuning that allow you to run a normal turbo without any codes or trouble. At least the guys I know that have done their ISX's that was the case. Might also call Trent the diesel Dr. in Effingham I have heard he can do some Mack stuff now. He has done quite a bit of tuning on trucks where I'm leased with good results but these have all been Detroit Cat or Cummins. His # is 217 343 3154
  14. I have an 01 CX 427 that is sluggish down low as well. Have tried a few things with mixed results. Did 100 HP tune on ecm first. It did make a diff down low but was like throttle was way to sensitive to control at lower RPM. Then added Rochester stage 2 injectors and performance turbo. That made the biggest diff but caused problems under hard pull. Malfunction light would come on and would cut power intermittently until the pull was over. This turned out to be a erroneous timing signal due to excessive crank twisting. So I reflashed Ecm back to stock and solved that. Truck still pulls way better than stock and not as sluggish down low but still not a low end grunter like a cat. I'm thinking next step is cam advance and higher capacity radiator. If I had your model I would seriously consider deleting the egr and then going with the injectors and turbo like I have. My truck pulls very well for a 12 liter and has averaged 7.3 mpg for the last 2 quarters. I have a 13 SPD and have found that shifting up at 16 to 1650 gives me the best performance. That drops me back around 14 and it will pick right back up and go.
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