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  1. Here's an update and the solution to my problem. I removed the factory muffler and have the exhaust running through straight dual exhaust. The pyrometer temp. dropped to acceptable ranges and the boost is at 32 lbs. At this point I am happy with these results. Later I will install a resonator just so I am legal. I've run heavier loads with smaller engines. I had a 350 Maxidine in my old R model that wasn't an issue. As far as speed, my current truck runs right at 100 mph, plenty fast enough. Thanks for all the impute have a great Labor day
  2. The truck has a 13 speed and 373 gears on 285/75R24.5 tires. Everything has been checked out and the mechanics have not found a reason for the heat issue on the pyrometer. The weight of MP10 wouldn't bother me, I figured it wouldn't fit, but had to ask. I've thought about putting a CAT in the Dawg just for the sheer looks of amazement I'd see when I opened the hood. I'd probably die from laughing at people. Please don't send me hate mail because of that thought.
  3. If my 460 E-7 would pull correctly I'd be happy with it. I may look at upgrading the injectors and turbo once I find out what I can and cannot do to this engine. My dealer isn't going to be any help but I do have a couple of buddies that are Mack mechanic that can help when the time comes.
  4. I have a 2000 CX vison with a 460 engine. I'm maxed at 88,000 lb. everyday and frankly I'm not impressed with the performance of the E-7 engine I currently have. I would like to know what the issues besides the difference in torque tolerances pertaining to the drive line components would be if I change the engine to the MP-10 engine or if that is remotely possible. Also can I remove any emissions from the MP-10 that currently would not be supported but the existing wiring harnesses on the E-7 and the truck in it's current configuration? I understand this is probably an undertaking that will be expensive if it's at all possible so I'd appreciate some impute from any one that has real-world experience in this adventure. Yes I know I could buy another truck with the MP-10 already installed but that's not my first choice for personal reasons. Than,ks in advance.
  5. Nightwind

    Truck shake

    Did you rotate them? I've found that some brands of tires will cause this IF you don't rotate them. I rotate my every 4 months or so and when I do the brakes.
  6. Just sharing, the 2000 CX 613 Vision I bought was in terrible, no, make that HORRIBLE shape as far as the interior goes so I made all new panels for the sleeper (has a condo) also for the doors including the side box doors and laid new carpet with pad in the sleeper. Took the seat covers off and washed them, replaced the foam and made the repairs which weren't bad. I know it's not "factory carpet nor colors" but it's a zillion percent better. I'll try to get pictures posted before I sell it.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome. Sounds like everyone has a sense of humor which is greatly appreciated since mine is somewhat warped.
  8. Howdee New here not to trucking, great site hope I eventually have something to contribute. Happy Trails
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