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You mean the Foster's tv ads are lying to us?

Yep nuns pi$$ more likely to be "green hand grenades (VB) or barbed wire (XXXX) or once the night gets going we might get paid a visit from the bear ( Bundaberg Rum )

right then down to the reason you blokes drive on the wrong side of the road in the good old US of A is because back when the horseless carriage was first around all you blokes had was dirt roads in towns and when you drove down the road on the same side as us but when you stopped to get out you pulled over to the wrong side of the road to get out so you stepped out with out stepping in the mud

so pretty soon you silly buggers were all driving on the wrong side of the road but there was a problem you yanks kept on getting into accidents pulling out into traffic as roads had improved you all just started putting the steering wheel on the other side so pretty soon you driving on the wrong side steering from the wrong side but it all seemed normal until WW2 at least thats the way it was told to me on a TV show once

I do stand to corrected on all this


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