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I am now serious about selling my Superliner.Am planning on retiring from my job wrenching and would like somethiing more comfortable since I will be spending more time in it. This is a 1984 with a E-6 350 2 valve,Dynatard RTOO-14613 Fuller, Eaton DS/RS 404 3.70 ratio.The rear suspension is an AL-40 out of a 2003 CH.In last 50,000 miles has had; new front springs,king pins,wheel brngs,seals,tie rod and drag link ends,brakes(front and rear)new oil pan,vibration dampener,injectors,fan drive,radiator,Duralite intercooler,all new crossmembers,new Fontain fifth wheel,all new brake chambers front and rear. The list goes on.PM me if you are interpost-8009-0-46115200-1407067229_thumb.jppost-8009-0-20310500-1407067720_thumb.jppost-8009-0-45789600-1407067803_thumb.jppost-8009-0-80687100-1407067628_thumb.jppost-8009-0-69088800-1407068079_thumb.jpested. Steve

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Beautiful truck,wish I had a use for it. One question,how do you keep your battery lids on? I don't see any latches.

Thanks Mike. Every Superliner I've been around annoyed me with the rattling battert box lids.I have a 2 inch long piece of 2 by 2 alum. angle that is held on by the battery hold bolt. That is drilled and has a 3/8 u-nut in it. The lid is drilled and has a 3/8 by 1 stainless bolt holding it on. I'll get a pic tomorrow so it makes more sense. Steve

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Hi Don. That would be neat with an N-14 mechanical in it. Not sure what's in store for the Brock. Started it last week and let it run for awhile .The old 250 sounds good.Steve

could make that my new service truck

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