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  1. That's a Midland inversion valve. not familiar with the new one. The inversion valve controls the spring brakes and helps to stop you if you lose air in primary system.I would just eliminate it, they quit putting these on back at least 25 years ago. Steve
  2. Looks great Travis! I'll sure be able to spot you now. I won't have to stare at every Western Star I meet to see if it's you.Can't wait to get a close look at it. Steve
  3. Being an 82 there should be only 2 wires, the positive goes to the hot side of the starter solenoid and negative grounds to the block.I haven't seen any 350's with 24 volt start and series parallel switches.If so its a different game entirely. On the 2 speed is this a Fuller Roadranger transmission?If so it sounds like the slave valve is sicking. You can remove it and free it up.It's located on the left side and all the hoses go into it. Steve
  4. That sounds fair. Keep me posted as I also plan to attend this year. Thanks, Steve
  5. I'm looking for a nice stainless clad aluminum bumper for a RW. With or without fog light cutouts.This is for a Superliner 2. Thanks,Steve
  6. Yes, I checked and have everything.These are real Mack, in unopened bags. (2) 5027-0702 upper and lower seals (2) 449GC27 side seals
  7. I think I have all the gaskets. I will check Friday and let you know. Steve
  8. If it has a stamped steel timing cover use a gasket. If it has a cast aluminum cover silicone. Being a 1988 I would assume it is a four valve with a cast cover. Steve
  9. Yes, most everything is still available. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Steve
  10. Hi Don, it sure does turn heads. Nice truck. What's with the Concrete Delivery trailers? I tried calling them several times last week,was looking to do local for the summer. No answer. Friday afternoon I met at least 6 of these heading west on 90 in Ohio and PA pulled by Kuhnle trucks. Must be out of business? See ya Don, Steve
  11. I've got alot of parts for an E-6 2 valve: Injection pump and injectors(Ambac PLM with barstock injector nozzles) oil pan 34 quart only been on engine less than 2 years Dynatard rockers Dynatard cam and lifters vickers p.s. pump good Bendix air comp. Exhaust manifold with turbo Lots of misc. parts.PM me with your needs and offers. Thanks, Steve
  12. finally got the Brockway pics I promised
  13. I get to Chester WV at least twice a week but that ass doesn't look familiar. Do you ever notice the two Brockways on the right as you;re goinh west on 30 over the bridge? Someday when I have time to kill I'll walk from the Sonoco and check them out and pics of course. Steve
  14. I sure wouldn't do it. That's way too much for what that motor was designed for. steve
  15. I've got a nice used E-6 or early E-7 oil pan.This is the 28 or 32 quart pan. Was new 3 years ago, no rust or damage.$200 plus cost of shipping. thanks, Steve
  16. Don is right, we use the slang bulldozer engine meaning a Cat. Sorry about that. this engine is a cross between a 3406 B and C.Just a Peterbilt engine that came from a 359 and has had some work done to it. Steve
  17. The new site will only allow one pic at a time
  18. Dave has nearly completed this project. Only needs to build an air intake snorkle to air cleaner. Nice looking job.He has had it out and says it really put some bark into the old bulldog
  19. Mine don't exist any more. They were replaced by the Superliner 2 door panels about 20 years ago. If I can't find any I will live with what I have as they are in good condition, just not correct. Steve
  20. Looking for a pair of the blue diamond door panels for a Superliner 1. Thanks, Steve
  21. I've got a complete E-6 350 2 valve engine I'm parting out. This is not a tip turbine engine has a CMAC.It has a good Ambac PLM pump and bar stock injectors, good exhaust manifold and turbo(verticle stud heads). Has a working Dynatard. Let me know if you need anything and we can work on a price. Thanks, Steve
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