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  1. After reading this thread, the "Odds and Ends" discussion category could be deleted. Forums like this, loose their original purpose when members are allowed to spew social, political, personal opinions and show disrespect towards other members.
  2. Quickfarms: Anything come of your plan to build an R700 from the white RS600? The 600 pictured seemed like a clean truck. Nick
  3. Hi, Send me a PM or email nolek82@gmail.com Thanks
  4. Hello, Looking for ideas re-sealing the "Bread Box " tyoe Intercooler on E6. Mack wants $350 for a set of top, bottom and side gaskets. Rather not RVT it. Thanks. Nick
  5. Hello, Looking for aluminum housing for injection pump shaft. for E6 2 valve. Located behind the timing gears. Let me know what you may have. Thanks
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