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Hey guys and gals,

So my B-61ST has spoked wheels that sport a collection of wheel clamps on the drive wheels and the steer wheels that don't match. In order to match them up so it looks decent, I need 8 rear wheel clamps, Mack Part # 15QJ223BP8. I also need 3 front wheel clamps Mack part # 15QJ121B. Now the BWP part number for both of these are as follows:

15QJ223BP8 = M-1175

15QJ121B = M-1178

If anyone has any of these laying around that they can spare, I would buy them from you. Thanks in advance. Razorback11

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Any decent truck tire shop should have them. maybe not by Mack # but should have them.

The tire shop I deal with has them. No idea on price

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6 or 7 years ago a bought new wheel clamps for my 85 RD, The ones from Mack turned out to be way cheaper than my tire shop.

If I remember right, around 2 bucks/clamp from Mack .

I think the way Mack parts prices have gone, the tire shops will be way cheaper than Mack now………..sad really

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