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L Model brake inquiry & C-85 for sale


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Hey fellas,

I'm looking for L Model fire truck chassis parts. I am considering converting my hydrovac system (53 LS85) to air brakes. If someone has a L model that has an air brake system on it, I would be interested in It. I do not need sheet metal or body parts at this time as my truck is fairly complete but I have been attempting to locate a chassis that may have a bum motor but a complete air brake system, that I can salvage the brake system off of. I am hopeful of finding backing plates with cams and chambers, tanks and brackets, compressor for the engine, foot pedal, valves, gauges, and I am planning on running new poly lines. If anyone has or knows of any trucks, info would be appreciated.

Second topic, I have a friend looking to unload a 63 c-85 (gas, air brakes, manual, 750gpm) pumper with 27,000 miles. The body is pretty solid however it has a botched paint job. The truck appears to be fairly complete with the exception of the bell. It has been stored indoors and the chrome it has appears pretty clean. Currently it has a snapped output shaft where the drive shaft goes to the parking drum. (Someone tried to move the truck with the shaft brake set and snapped it off), I am going to reach out to transaxle for a replacement. Other than that a set of batt's and she would fire right off. From what I have seen the truck saw service in Folsom PA. Open to offers.

Thanks Guys!

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