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you could probably find some decent used ones at a local junk yard, if they are split rim daytons a lot of GM trucks that are still around used them, I googled http://www.eubanktrucks.net/inventory.htm?http://www.truckpaper.com/list/list.aspx?ETID=1&pcid=2001198623&dlr=1&bcatid=26&ftr=1 and they have cut offs.

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im sure your lookin for 2 or 3 piece rims, NOT split rims. split rims are usually Budds and found on old fords, Studebakers and gm's and dodges from the 40's, 50's 60's and are the true widow makers. they were usually hot riveted together and were split all along the center of the rim. 2 and 3 piece rims are still readily available and new at that. only way they become widow makers is if someone mismatches the lock and safety ring with rims. they are meant to stay together for the life of the rim, not be mismatched. I believe goodyear first came out with the 3 piece and it was called the Goodyear Safety Rim.


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If your lookin for the 8.25-20 2-piece rim I think they have been outlawed and then you had the Firestone split rim that was split from one side to the other an fit into a groove with a solid ring around the outside. They are both very dangerous rims and have been outlawed since the 60's I used to cut them with a torch when ever I came across one. I'm sure you know what your doin but I would stay away from anything from the junk yard


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I have 3 or 4 in in Concord that you can have, but the tires are still on them. I couldn't get them off. The ones I did get off I brought home and filled them with potting soil and planted tomatoes in them. I replaced mine with tubeless wheels, bought them used from Litchford's Garage in Concord for $40 each. Bebo Litchford has lots of old parts, probably has any kind of wheels you need.

His no. is 434-993-5192.

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