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FDNY Super Pumper System.

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If anybody has the Code 3 Collectibles model of the Super Tender look at the trailer of the Super Tender. It has 2 lights per side mounted on a plate about 12" square. The plates are patch panels I

That is the ad we saw. Figured OK was not too far from CA. Found out the truck was in New Jersey. Had to wait till spring to make the trip. Worked on it for 5 days to get it road ready. Then drov

I found this photo in a pile of pictures. photographer unknown.

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11 hours ago, CaptainCrutch said:

It really is a shame FDNY didn't renew the system and let it retire.

In a way they did not.

They still utilize "Satellite" units, in fact are in the process right now of taking delivery of several new ones. The Intelligiant 6" Stang guns with dual 5" inlets on new Peterbilt (trash truck) Chassis with a hose body containing a couple thousand feet of big hose. One in each Borough with two in Brooklyn.  

Up until a few years ago, they were quartered with 2000GPM engine companies. However, a lesson learned after 9/11 made the FDNY switch ALL engine companies over to 2000gpm. So now any engine company in the city can supply a Satellite. 


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I am bookface friends with Hewy and his wife. You should hear the story he tells of driving that thing across the country at 48mph.....lol

He told it to me directly Saturday about being red tagged for no brake lights and when he was fixing the switch he had to put his toolbox on top of the tire so they would see the cut. He just wanted to get to the next truck stop so he could replace it.
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