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thermodyne engine size?

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just talked to a guy 150 miles from me that is scraping out a 73 mack fire truck with a 6cyl. thermodyne it has 82,000 original miles on it and he wants it sold but he can,t find the id tag. any help experts?

The truck I just bought has an engine from a '73 fire truck or at least thats what I was told. The engine date is '73 and the number is ENDT 675. No matter what it is I'd say its a good find!

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Here are a couple of shots of the model and serial numbers on the gear case of an older 6-cylinder.

See if you can get these numbers, as they will tell you more than anything else.

This one says "T673C..." which makes it an ENDT-673-C.



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ok steve got back to me today it's a TF673C-3X6337 he wants 1500.00 for it he also has a 5speed spicer trans and front loader style rear end the rest has been scraped his e mail is smpryor8@yahoo.com or you can p.m. me and i'll get you his cell number as soon as my e mail works again I can post pics.

this stuff is located in moses lake wa. about 10 miles north of I90

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