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1996 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel engine


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We got a '95 F250 with trans problems at work. Good running 7.3 with just under 300K on it. We bought it cheap(I think $1500)with 250K on the clock and ran it around for a few years. Now the E4od is acting up and not worth putting money into it.

I told boss we just need to put it on craigslist and move it. Body is rough and well used. Brand new gas tank in it though!



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That is a 300-400k engine with a liitle care. Injectors are only 15 dollars a apeice compared to 350

dollars on the new ones. Repair or replace the oil pan while its out of the truck. Oil pan rust was about the only problem on a 7.3. Crankshaft sensor was another minor problem.

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Damn... if only you were in PA.... mine needs a transplant. Over 400k and it's had a hard life that got even harder after I bought it. Whoever said injectors are 15$ a piece, I would like to know what kind of drugs you are on.....and who your supplier is, lol

Being in the process of getting your CDL's is like sitting on death row...

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