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HCEA Canada Last Blast


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I didn't know you were there Dan my son and I went to the show yesterday.That was a great show first one I ever went to but I signed up to be a member and I will definitely return.I didn't want to leave I loved the old steam shovel working in the pit.

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That's the first time up there for me too Alex. I got a membership also I'm definitely going back also. Only one thing would have made the visit the a whole lot better if my dad were still here to go with me since that stuff was right up his alley. Both him and my grandpa were in the construction business together for over 25 years. There was a few pieces there reminded me of both of them, like the Northwest Model 41 dragline, dad had a predecessor to it he hadn't Model 25 and the 40 Drott excavator, grandpa had an 880 case which was a spinoff of the Drott. The K10 Insley there was similar to what grandpa started into the business with he had a K12 with a cable how on it and that's what my dad started on. And of coarse there was a nice F1000 Ford single axle there I remember riding in the one they had an F1000 Mercury with a 10ft dump box on it. And they also had a KB 11 International on their float back in the day and there was a KB 9 twin screw up there. I had a really good time and was glad I took the trip. My dad would have really enjoyed yesterday, I'm definitely going back again. And yes I took a few shots of the F Model with the 866 375hp in it it was a beauty.








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Yeah I did notice that on the International , I never saw one like that before, most I've seen we're single axles with a tag axle. I didn't take any photos of the stationary engines or most of the other stuff in the buildings. I took alot of video footage on my camcorder of everything outside in the pits got a good hour of video. I didn't get a good picture of the steam shovel just video. If you got a good one of the it post it too.

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All nice pics but that Blue F and the orange Chevy are sweeeeeet!

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