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For Better Bus Business, Use The Better Bus

Mack Buses......outlasts them all

Note the Volkswagen advertisement that freely admits the design benchmark for the legendary VW "bus" was none other than the Mack C-Series municipal transit bus. Indeed, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.











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The Mack ultra Liner got retired way before its time. That truck could still be reintroduced today and it would be up to date

I couldn't agree more. The Ultra-Liner was extremely advanced in engineering, and arguably the safest COE cab design still to this day.

The Ultra-Liner could easily have been developed forward, to remain a cutting edge product in the global COE market.

When you consider the Freightliner Argosy 2, Kenworth K200 and International 9800i sold today (in global markets), an updated Ultra-Liner or a totally evolved Ultra-Liner II would be a far superior truck.

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the biggest mistake mistake ever made by the former mack trucks was discontinuning the rw . there have been a superliner 3 introduced in 94 with the ch cab and long straight hood with chrome grille surround and outside air intakesand a vmac v8 rated at 550 to 600 hp . cant blame volvo for that one.

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Like Logtruck said.....I love my CL's but if there were new RW713's I'd have five of those instead. Etec E9 and a 18spd, CL chassis but set forward axle. Actually a titan built with a set forward axle would be sweet.....with a etec E9. Word on the street up here is that a guy with one of the first titans built is looking at repowering it with a E9

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