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  1. the stupidity goes far & beyond the sales dept. Mack - Vulva - Hino dealer somewhere in New York state Had a GM that was proud to say that he did NOT schidt about any truck, especially the ones they were selling, the former parts manager came from a car dealer sales lot, the last service manager to get canned came from the local HUMMER dealer, not a mechanic in any way, and one of the 2 salesmen was a DJ before selling Mack & Vulvas......
  2. being of Swedish descent, using the term "Ugly" to describe a Scania is rather insulting, A true UGLY swede is the Vulva brand. Scania is & always has been one f the best looking & best engineered heavy trucks in the world.
  3. They are going for a bigger slice of the long haul OTR segment.
  4. M-45SX, very popular with mining & heavy / super haul. 18:00 x 25 boots all around, either Cummins VT-1710 or DDC 16V-71, Allison CL(B)T-5960 power shift. Not the biggest M series, but definitely one of the best.
  5. M-35AX, the "AX" version had the wheel & tires increased to 18:00 x 33 from the standard 18:00 x 25 on a M-35X. The rear drive axle is the same on both the X & AX, but the AX has a special built 33" wheel adapter. The "AX" front wheel is unique to this model and was not used on any other Mack product. Either Cummins KTA-450 or DDC 12V-71N for power. Rick
  6. Well at today's exchange rate that would be 261K to 436K
  7. It is essentially the same as a standard M-45SX rock truck, only with the frame lengthened out to accommodation the 420" wb. Rick
  8. That would be a M-45SX, special built for the oil fields on Alaska's north slope. Rick
  9. Hey Creeper, Great to see you here, Super clean shot of an old Gerosa rig still working, and right behind it is the nose of the ex-Gerosa AP-19 Ap40rocktruck
  10. Very Nice! Are there more bits for it that are not on the truck? IE fenders & hood. What was the body on the back & what was the truck originally used for?
  11. Yes, you are supposed to jack the rear of the truck up via the frame, this takes the static load off the bushing & will allow the grease to get where it is needed most, THE BOTTOM. Highly recommend a EP or Extreme Pressure grease, as it will continue to lubricate the bushing to shaft surface even under extreme loading.
  12. The "bunk" on the CBE was often called the coffin, as to get in one must slide in from behind the drivers cab. Kind of like sliding into a sleeping bag in a tube......Hot in the winter & hotter than the sun in the summer...... No thanks
  13. The real Mack lives on, fantastic ongoing history of how things used to be. Thank you Mr Scarbel.
  14. Pawel, you have created a masterpiece in scale! You skill as a model maker & eye for detail really shines on this project. Simply fantastic & thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Very Kind regards, Rick
  15. The heavy cone cap with Budd wheels on Mack hard bar indicate 65K rears. If it had camel back springs then 58K or 65K. If the caps are flat with 6 bolts then they would be less 55K & below.
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