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Mack 2000 CH613 or Mack 1994 RD690S

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2000 Mack CH613

E7 350 mack engine

9-speed maxitorque

air suspension

1994 Rd690S
E7 350 mechanical

camelback suspension

7-speed maxitorque

These are Dump trucks and I intend to use it for doing dirty jobs. Moving sand in rough areas.

Please what are the Pros and Cons. Why should I go for one and not the other?

I need some help here. I am just a new kid on the block trying to get into this business.

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The RD was most likely born as a dump tuck,so it will have factory heavy axles and frame,where if the CH was a tractor,the frame will have been(hopefully)beefed up,which is fine if done right,but if not troubles in the future.And a lot of times they don't bother putting heavier front springs.The only thing that would be the con for me anyway would be the 7 speed.I never understood why they went with the hi overdrive and 5 something rears,always thought the 6 speed direct with 4:17's were the perfect set up,myself.

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Agree rd is going to be way better for a dump in getting into rough places because of spring ride. My experence air ride cant equalize the weight evenly like the tronion can on uneven ground and you end up with one axle with more weight on it than the other and you start spinning. so as soon as you go off blacktop with air ride might as well hit the power divider

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uh, yep not many CH dump trucks ever made from the factory, they wouldnt put anything over a 14,600 front and a 44k rear axle in em for years, I think a few years back they finally started letting you go up to a 16k or 18k front and whatever rear you want. The CH has a lighter frame than the RD too I cant remember specifics but its a pretty big jump to the RD690 frame from a CH613.

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