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New 2 Cycle Detroit?


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I highly doubt it. They pretty much killed all dirt bikes with 2 strokes because of the environment. I don't think any manufacturer is going to invest millions into a new product that might not meet the approval of the EPA, especially in Cali.

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Outboard and snowmobile manufacturers have made great strides in two stroke technology and continue to do so. Arctic Cat snowmobiles has just taken another step in the advancement of the technology with a new injection system in a clean burning, efficient and economical two stroke. From a Snowmobile.com article: "modern and evolving direct injected two-stroke technologies led by companies such as Rotax, Evinrude, Orbital of Australia, Synerject in the US and others can point to the fact that two-strokes can be as emission friendly and miles per gallon efficient as four-strokes."

Possibly some of the modern gasoline two stroke technology can be utilized to make a two stroke diesel that meets the emissions regulations.

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That's the last engine in the world that I would expect to see approved by CRAP..uh..CARB.

I hope it sells.

you got it right the first time. CRAP!

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MTU which is D.D's parent company is reintroducing the small Marine 2 strrokes in Asia and South America


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Detroit 71 series is by far the best desiel ever made! Ya can't kill it all or most parts interchange all the new big tank and low boy trucks that the army has now has the new 18 liter Cat accert motors now and thay arn't workin to well! And again, years ago when we had them, when winter came around we where on the road towin the comalongs and the yellow birds and the bull dogs up an down the street running with a can of starting fluid! and when it came time to overhaul em we could buy a brand new motor from Adelmans back then for about 2 or 3 grand, that's about what it cost ya to paint a Cat motor. To each his own guys but I'll take a Detroit any time over the other ones esp. the new ones


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