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When I put the 12 spd. in my superliner, I did the same set up. Mack pto, called my local mack dealer and he faxed me all the papers he had on the mack pto with air shift. That was a few years ago and I got everthing from mack. Air cylinder, brackets, hardware, etc. I may still have all the papers somewhere, will look when I get time.

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ok....  Can you give more info on your issue, and Im guessing this is an MR or LE?  are there multiple issues?   many guys here to help you..  jojo

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follow the air lines back to the tank.  if they go to the same fitting, or pressure protection valve, it is probably stuck..  if that is what is there, you can remove the valve and hook the lines direct, just to get it to a shop, or off the job site.  what model is the truck..  I think 1M2P2 is an RD..  is this a U.S. truck?  jojo

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