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New guy from Sweet Home Oregon


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My name is Will Garrett from Sweet Home, Oregon. Ya I'm that guy dragging in all that old iron here in the pacific northwest. I have to say that this has been a great experiance learning and gettting involved with these old trucks. I have always enjoyed finding old cars as a kid with my dad and saving them from the smelter. I never knew much about big trucks ,but was always interested in them. It all started with my day job, I am one of the owners of Radiator Supply House and spend alot of time on the road doing sales. This takes me into truck and diesel repair shops, dealerships, truck salvage yards, logging farming and mining operations. I always seem to have an eye for for the old iron not that hardly ever know what im looking at, I try to make conversations with it and it always seems to educate me and i never know what i come dragging home. I have met alot of neat follks and learned alot of a bygone era that my generation knows nothing about. I dont like to be viewed as a salesman but in all honesty its in my blood and i enjoy making friends with it and saving some of these old trucks. So needless to say I enjoy my job out selling radiator because i never know where it is going to take me from day to day. On the flip side getting involved with all these old trucks i have started hanging on to all the old radiator parts. In our industry with scrap price up so high most everybody sends this stuff to the scrap yard. I struggle with scrapping these old parts, not that there is a big demand for it, but it has opened alot of doors for us. Hopefully ya'all wont mind me hanging around and asking some 1st grade questions on some of these trucks and posting a few of the pieces I find.

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Welcome aboard buddy....there's plenty of old iron out in your neck of the woods, just setting beside the interstate....i could imagine out on the backroads

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