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Vin Number Tutorial


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Hi, I am a new member and have a DM model with a 4000 gallon water tank on it. I found your Vin Number Decoder, but I must confess that I am a bit out of my element and can't seem to make sense of my vin number. I am trying to find out exactly what engine, trans, where it was built, etc. The cab card has been lost, destroyed or otherwise, but the frame stamp and title match, both with DM685S33815. I am intrigued by the decoding, but again, as a novice, I am lost. Looks like the first page is the standard 17 position vin and back on the 3rd page I find my DM is combined to make the first number of the VIN, but from there I am lost and simply do not understand how to proceed. Hopefully Barry can save me.

Carey Dunford, Tucson, Arizona..

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Thanks, that is a good start. Can you tell where the older trucks like this were built from these numbers

If you still had the tag on the door it would have said right on it. Cant tell from the numbers though. Could have been Allentown Pennsylvania or Oakville Ontario Canada. What do the battery box lids have on them for lines? An X would be an Allentown built truck and 3 straight lines would be Canandian. But alot of times them lids get replaced and stuff. You could send a letter to the Mack museum too, and they would send you the build records and stuff. They are very busy though so it would take awhile for them to get back to you.


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From your vin I can tell its a DM, 6 is 600 series, 85 is an ENDT675 237 Mack motor, S is a heavier duty thing i think and it is the 23815th DM685S made. Mack started their serial numbers with the number 1.

Hey Vinny, You better study up. The "S" means it is a tandem axle or six wheel even though it really had 10 wheels. And of course the serial numbers started at 1001, not 1. I know that is what you meant. That makes it the 32,815th made. Mike

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Yea i ment 1001. Thanks for telling me what production number it is. So if my U model is 11692, that makes it the 12692nd?

No, 10692 (if I did my cyphering correctly). I am sure someone will tell me if it is incorrect.


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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