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NEPA Newbie to the forum.


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My Name is Robert. Since I was just a pup, I've always had an interest in anything with an engine in it. In 2003 I got My CDL, and since, I've driven several different makes and models. "R" models, Granites, CH's, Kenworths, Western Stars, Freightliners, and the list could go on.... My favorite being, one good ol' '93 Superliner, had a Big Cam IV, 13 speed, and 4.11:1 rears. 6 years i ran that rig, Never liked running anything else nearly as much as that thing.

As of recently My father and I started on a restoration project, a 1977 Brockway E761L. Found it in Upstate NY. Now residing with my dad, in Scranton, PA.

I'm Signing up on here mainly for parts and restoration guidance. Maybe someday I'll be doing a Mack, but with a new baby this year, and building a house in the fall, things are a little tight.



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Project '77 E761L underway.

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Thank you everybody for the welcome!!

Upon delivery, myself, my wife, mom & dad were all very surprised to see it coming down the street being pulled by an F-350......... What a ride that must have been.

Project '77 E761L underway.

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