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When the Dodge Boys sold trucks down under


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On 5/16/2013 at 9:51 PM, RFCDrum said:
Problem with Dodges especially in the US was you couldn't get parts for them. They sure liked them down in OZ.
Cheers, Rob

I am beginning to feel that way about Mack's now.

I can get parts easier and faster for a 1989 Ford F800 or FT900 than a 1985 Mack RS688LST. I can't even ask the dealer about the 1975 RS685LT, they just tell me that I gave them the wrong vin


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Going back to the original post, the list of available engines includes the 245 'Hemi' 6 cylinder.  The 245 was a Chrysler designed and manufactured in Australia only engine that earned quite a reputation for performance in Australian Chargers and Valiants.  There were rumors the 245 had it's origins in a U.S. project to develop a 6 cylinder truck engine larger than the 225 Slant Six to be competitive with the Ford 300 and Chevy 292, but was shelved when it appeared it was going to be more expensive to produce than the 318 V-8.  Project went to Chrysler Australia were it came to fruition and became quite successful.

Speaking of Australian Dodge trucks using International cabs, I believe some earlier Internationals assembled in Australia used Dodge cabs! 


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Yes!! The early 50's IH's used the Dodge "Pilot House" cab rather than the IH "Compfovision" cab. I am out of picture posting space here, but if you go to this link and scroll thru the Alice Springs and Archie Baines sections you will see a couple. An L and a S model IH with PH cabs.

http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/84264/Down-Under-Trip?Keywords=Down Under Trip

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