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Here is the Superliner he sold. Mike still has one Superliner,a single axle wrecker. He also has a B67 with a rollback on it and these monster tri axle wreckers. I'm not sure how many B models he

Another Rich Johnson job.....KTI (Kaney Transportation,Inc.) of Rockford had this nice Value-Liner running for them.......Al

These pics were passed along to me from a friend. Lenzini's freshly redone R-model. Very sharp looking truck, but from the sounds of it we will not see it running around here. It will be going to his

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I don't know the pipe delivery crew hasn't missed much time since they laid us gravel guys off for the winter the full crew goes out every day. They must be hauling a lot of big pipe for I90 there is a lot of it disappearing from the yard I hear the straight truck delivery crew might be coming back soon.

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Last year was very good even worked some Saturday s and a couple Sundays between driving the 6 wheeler and tag moving the boxes and little toys the R hauling gravel and dirt and in the haul trucks maybe it will take off and got gonzo till Christmas

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I have worked every week thru winter with just a few days off for weather related or for helping out at my former job expexting my full time gig to be slow right now. Personally I would rather be taking a few weeks off this time of year as thats what I have done the last 13 years but we are busy just like summer time.

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I prefer a month or so off myself these last few weeks were spent cutting firewood now Im working on the superliner cab. I completely gutted the new cab just got the windshields out this morning pulled the gasket got all the doors stripped down to the shells today will be spent hammering the metal flat and welding up all the cracks under where the lower mirror struts were mounted.Pulled the doors off the cab stripped off all the vinyl decals off used some laquer thinner and got all the glue off from the decals I think I may pull the dash out this week still looking for a decent dash from an older truck without all the padded part of the dash being cracked.

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Need to find a nice 1/50 lowboy maybe an 8 axle to put my jd470 excavator on

Plote had a nice 1/50 scale truck made last year and Catom had one made a couple years ago. I bought a few of the Catom trucks but they

don't have any left. Keep an eye on Ebay, they can pop up but not too often, but there are definitely other options if you can't find a local

company truck.




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Was at General Iron the other day. Saw a pretty clean R model six wheeler right before I pulled in. The red/white RD reminded me of

an old DiPaulo truck. Saw a couple other Macks and took a pic of Generals wheel loader. Makes me laugh, the tires are worn to a nub,

it's slowly turning into a low rider.






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I think that is the play book for all of them. The small town scrapper near me is walking around most days with 5-6K in his pockets but looks like a hobo.

Is that the one behind Market Basket? I got rid of a bit of junk there a month or so ago.

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