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Mack on Ebay


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Wonder if this is over height? Or top heavy? http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item4165b601c3

We had a similar one here building the shop. Ran 137 yards through it at 100' distant.

They are heavy for certain.


Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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A little bit out of your typical auction circuit, it might be something to team up with your hay/straw blower??!!

Just saying......

I actually buy trucks now just for the outriggers sometimes. I had a pile of them around back that I just could not bring myself to scrap when I cut up some trucks. I put a set on ebay on a lark and they sold FAST! I ended up selling 12 sets I had. They went to wrecker companies, loggers, and several went to guys that wanted them on the front of skidloaders or the back of a farm tractor to pair with a hydraulic winch as a retrieval device. Lots of ways to skin a cat - when you are poor like me you better do like a chicken and get out in the yard and do some scratchin'!

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