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707 Cid Gas Engine

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No,the 707 was never available in the DM800.The 707 gas engine dates back to the 40's and was last used in firetrucks into the later '60's.I believe there was even a early version of the 707 used in the AP of the late '20's.

The DM replaced the B80 series trucks in 1966.

you're right about the early 707 superdog but i don't remember the years. in 1938 they came out with the 611 cu.in. overhead six cyl. and i belive around 1940 mack came out with the 707. j.j.

and remember


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8 hours ago, franck robin said:

hello I am looking for a èàè gas engine for a B85 MACK TRUCK.

does anybody can help me where I can find one?

thanks for your help


I have a 707, it’s almost all complete minus consumables like fluids and gaskets, there’s a few pushrods that’s have been spent up maybe all of those, and the block has a pretty bad crack in the side of it. Oh, it’s also completely apart. There’s pictures of everything on the thread about my 1953 Mack LS95. Make me an offer and we can go from there. Feel free to message me.

Pics here: 


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