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Truck insurance

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Anybody know of a good insurance company for my old trucks? I have been with Condon and Skelly for 15 years,called them today to add a 1967 Peterbilt and they told me no more trucks.They said I can keep the ones I have with them they will grandfather them,but they will nolonger do trucks or add truck to a policy.

Thanks AL

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Unless things have changed, J.C. Taylor will not insure big trucks. The will keep what you have but not add any. You could go to their website and get a quote, then call them and they say they will not write the coverage. Gulfway seems about the only choice.

I got insurance just fine as a new customer just fine this past July from JC Taylor.....I switched over because Condon and Skelly's rates went WAY up (I assume that and the fact that they wont take add-ons anymore due to switching underwriters.) JC Taylor has a lot more "bang for the buck" including new this year- break down/flat tire/run out of gas/towing coverage- will FLAT BED TOW your LARGE TRUCK hook up fees and up to and including 50 miles......Anything after 50 miles is on you.

I am very happy with JC Taylor thus far- nice folks to talk to on the phone, very prompt call-backs if I have questions, and even answers my questions via email if I want. I highly recommend them.


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