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  1. I replaced both fuel filters with fresh fuel in them. I tried the primer and am pretty sure it is dead. I loaded it with wd-40 to try to make a seal with it but after cracking a line and pumping it for an eternity gave up on that. I pulled the giant hose off the turbo so I could spray the suggested wd-40 and a little ether into it when cranking. It took a bit and it did sputter then start so one way or another I primed it up. I ran it a bit, moved it to help make sure the shoes don't weld to the drums, and shut it down when the return line slipped out of the fuel jug and pumped a gallon of diesel onto the driveway It smokes a bit understandably. I will need to run it and get some injector cleaner into it etc...may need some injector work, but the oil pressure is right up there and it barks like a big dog. Thanks all for the help on that. One other question is this. Since I bought it, the idle rate is very low. I assume there is an adjustment on it. Can anyone tell me what to do there. Again it is an E6-250, 80's vintage. Thanks again. Greg
  2. I like the wd-40 idea. I gave it a shot of ether but it was counterproductive as it ignites before TDC and stops the motor dead in it's tracks. I'll do the filters and see if I can prime her up and if I flounder (I suspect the manual pump lacks good seals to work and will crack number one for good measure), I'll try the WD and see if I can get her fired. Appreciate the guidance on things...With a little luck I can get the old girl to my house and get some momentum back next season. I miss working on it and fall in love every time I see it.
  3. No, Sir. I will try that. Should have felt like it was not hooked to anything? What else do I need to do if anything?
  4. Update: I spent some time yesterday trying to fire up the E6-250 as it has been sitting and I don't want the sucker to lock up on me. The good news is that I cranked it successfully but was unable to get it to fire. The tanks are off for work and I am sure it has lost prime. I plan to put a new set of filters (filled with fresh fuel) and stick the fuel line in a jug of fuel and try again before it gets way too cold. I think the pump has a priming plunger arrangement on it that unscrews and can be pumped to draw fuel then returned the screwed in position. I tried this but it felt like it had no seal to anything. Is this the right idea for priming it? What do I need to do here? All advise is appreciated. I put the charger on each battery last night and today to get them back up to snuff. She does have good oil pressure just cranking... Thanks Greg
  5. Crazy money but they are not making any new ones. I watch all that stuff I can get, although I prefer Mecum to BJ...Wish I had a few of those to fix up laying in my back yard.
  6. Glad to see you held it all together when the going got tough. Glad you got belts for everyone in the cab. I bought a set for the LS85 and before it hits the road, they will be bolted into the cab. IT sucks she stalled like that. That's one reason I don't like automatics but there are tons of them on the road and the stall is unusual as you stated. Good points on knowing your equipment. Glad you got through it without any major damage...hope the tires are serviceable...those aren't free these days. Best of luck moving forward. Grg
  7. Just think, the same guys are closing in on operating health care. God help us.
  8. We need to support out own industry where we can. It's important. Let's all make an effort wherever we can. It matters.
  9. Meanwhile in Massachusetts, our AG has come out to say that weapons that look like assault weapons are now illegal in the Commonwealth. That's the AG, not the legislature. Does anyone see a problem with that?
  10. That is a painful list to read. Disappointing to say the least. I wonder if there isn't the opposite list, the one where products are made and owned in the good all USA. Maybe we should post something like that and then support those companies accordingly. It is harder and harder to buy USA. Shameful and stupid.
  11. So we can really thank Carter for the love we get from Iran today? I can only imagine what 40 years will reveal from the current administration...
  12. I have two friends who run the Chevy with a Duramax. I think the transmissions are great compared to a similar Dodge of the same vintage (early 2000's) as the Dodge automatics hunt for a gear and don't work well with the Cummins. The Chevy's appear to need injectors all the time. My current Cummins and this one have never had a new injector in them. Not sure why the Chevy's crap out all the time but the Cummins units are solid. The best combination is the Cummins with a 6 speed manual transmission in my opinion. DON"T buy a dodge with a gas engine...I think the suck and fail early. The old dodge 4 speed auto's suck too. Plan on a full rebuild when you hit 125,000 miles. Install all the Kevlar aftermarket parts and it will work but....just get the standard and save yourself $1200 and a week without a truck. As for the aluminum vs. steel bed, the aluminum's biggest weakness is toughness. The tensile strength and toughness will be more susceptible to stab wounds. The weight savings and using it with a little bit of common sense make that add an empty argument. I usually run a sheet of plywood or a bed liner myself, and any jerk that loads a truck like that might have a stab wound or two of his own. (Not condoning violence here haha). I plan to grab a 2 year old truck next time around myself...they are available and the first guy can pay $30K for the new truck smell.
  13. The Donald will have to work on this stuff big time. If it is LAW, that can only come one way and it isn't through John Horse Face Kerrey signing on the dotted line...not legal and cannot stand as such...of course it will take the court to fix it etc. Unbelievable.
  14. That's a winning plan. Coal burns dirty they say, so we can't burn it here. We send it to some crap stink hole that burns it with no technology to make it clean...and call that a success. The pollution is uncontrolled AND we have depleted our own natural resources. That's a recipe for success! Fortunately we can send our money to the middle east to help them in their ambition to kill us. I imagine that having killed the coal market domestically has also allowed us to sell it at a bargain to the customers abroad. You can't make this stuff up...has to happen for you to believe it. Great plan...not for America, but great plan.
  15. They say the fat in beef adds the flavor like in a good steak or burger. Those gals must be FULL of flavor...I however don't want to find out. Eww.
  16. Nicest set of truck pics I've seen in a long time. Thank you for taking the time to do all this. Nice stuff. Wish I was there.
  17. "Should". Famous last words. I guess I should dig into the ignition switches or find the proper circuit on mine...it's a manual switch I pirated (unused) in the dash...can hear it if the engine isn't running but...good advice
  18. If all else fails and you have the original, contact a Motion Industries sales guy. I know a dam good one if you can't find one who wants to help. They can contact Martin Gear (Texas I believe). They can make anything gear related and are VERY reasonable in my experience. I'm assuming it is shaft with a gear on it...if it's just a spline shaft, any good shop should be able to help. Post a picture of the culprit if you can.
  19. Care to share a part number on that regulator? Who had it might be of help as well. I am fairly sure I need one too...she runs FAT.
  20. I like the Brockway's in there. Not as much as Mack's but a close second...I think the squirrel is napping and the hawk is just making sure it is okay...
  21. Sweet paint job. Jay's got some good stuff. I want to have his garage when I grow up. Maybe a few more Macks.
  22. On cold days in New England, we can't produce power with natural gas turbines as there isn't enough gas supply to make electricity AND heat houses and businesses at the same time. While there are bountiful reserves in PA, there is as of yet now way to get it here...and the libs fight every pipeline project that comes up like it will kill old ladies and children if it goes in...Keep drinking the cool aid.
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