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  1. Thanks will will be at the dealer this weekend..
  2. Are they still available from Mack or any where else,for a 96 ?
  3. Thanks for the info,gonna check it out tomorrow
  4. Bet it rides better than my cl with 58 rears..lol
  5. So on a truck with 250000 miles what should I look for as far as wear,looking at an 06 kenworth tomorrow,owner says he loves it and it rides great?
  6. Any body here running haulmaxx suspension on a triaxle dump,what's the good bad and the ugly?
  7. According to Mack you do more harm then good by un necessary air filter changes,just passing it along..
  8. Your wasting your time and money,don't change the air filter until the restriction gage is in the red..
  9. Also bushings in the rail housing are probably worn out,might have to have some made..
  10. You may have to replace the bar and saddles also..
  11. Ok got ya,I only worked on 58 rears where the bar is held on with trunnion caps..good luck.
  12. Why couldn't you just install new trunnion bar and bushings?
  13. I had a 1983 RD with a 300+ all air..
  14. MACKS


    Order a few Baccarat Rothschild next time,nice mild smoke for us accasionel smokers..
  15. MACKS


    I don't smoke that much but these are are pretty good, Baccarat Rothschild,nice mild smoke for when I just want to sit back and relax,usually out in the garage or on the back deck,anybody else..
  16. How bad is the rest of it,any more pictures,what are u gonna use it for,that crack is due to rust spreading the flange not stress or fatigue,seen way worse than that still working ..
  17. I didn't see any trucks like that where we were,all looked like factory dumps,Fords,KW t-800,and Macks,a lot of them fairly new,must be more to it than meets the eye,operating cost are not all that different than any where else except for labor..
  18. If remember right the company doing the work was Eastman,does that sound familiar ?
  19. I was at Hollywood beach,couldn't talk to any drivers,the trucks looked like they were in nice shape,all tri axle with 16 foot body's by 6 foot high,foreman said they were running twenty ton loads,he also sad a lot f them run double shifts,it was like a parade of trucks on south surf road all day long..
  20. Just curious,what's wrong with the paint Mack sells with the harder,had a truck painted with it once and the painter added a different hardner,it was a super wet look hardner,that truck had a killer shine on it for many years with very little maintness..
  21. My wife and I just got a German Shepherd pup last week she is wearing us out quickly lol but not chewing up anything yet..
  22. Any body have or know where I can get the muffler support bracket for a 96 Mack Cl,I was a old the left and right brackets are the same,so either one..
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