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  1. My wife and I just got a German Shepherd pup last week she is wearing us out quickly lol but not chewing up anything yet..
  2. Any body have or know where I can get the muffler support bracket for a 96 Mack Cl,I was a old the left and right brackets are the same,so either one..
  3. While on vacation checked out this operation down the beach,all the sand is trucked in,no dredging allowed down here,talked to the foreman about the trucks,mostly all on hire,they run about 20 to 21.5 tons a load,pay is 50 to 56 an hour,how the he'll do u run a truck for those rates,all good looking equipment some pretty new to.
  4. Does anyone even do this any more,is this a DYS thing or for pros only?
  5. Look on line, like Iowa 80 has free flow mufflers the chrome or stainless are pricy but the plain Janes are pretty reasonable ..
  6. Ok I got ya now,just had it in my head the internal adjustment would move the linkage also,thanks for the clarification..
  7. Also I wanted to say the reason for the internal adjustment is to get 1/2 inch to 9/16 inch between the brake and throw out. Bearing witch they say you must maintain for full clutch release.
  8. Not arguing but,if adjust the linkage first then internally you will be moving the bearing witch will change the linkage adjustment you just made,thoughts ?
  9. Got that right,an 1/8 of play = about an inch and half pedal movement by my uneducated calculations..
  10. Adjust internally first to get 1/2 inch to 9/16 inch between clutch brake and throw out bearing,if this doesn't bring your brake into adjustment and corect free pedal make linkage adjustment,you can adjust at the lever if u want by turning the Clevis,I was just having a problem and found the Clevis pin worn out and needed a bushing in the clutch arm,good luck
  11. Just a follow up, the bushing in clutch arm was missing or just worn out and he pin was worn real bad,way to much play,that's why I was having trouble adjusting it..
  12. Ok thanks didn't know there was key in. It,thought just a set bolt.
  13. Thanks,how difficult would u say,once the two set bolts are out should slide off the pins right,the side with the lever should pull right out I think?
  14. Anybody swap out the release fork while Trans is In the truck,Mack twelve speed?
  15. Well if you live in NYS you don't have much choice ,66 here and still going strong,but I like to work,maybe I'll just try to slowi it down a little next year..
  16. I would try one of those tiny two bottle torches lowes sells.the flame gets plenty hot enough to cut/melt through thin metal and blow flame back in your face,good luck.
  17. Thanks,defenitly going with the smooth side..
  18. Thanks for info,I'm looking at a 15 ft,perfect fit for my truck might as well go wth the heaver steel,my buddy has the lighter one but he put a liner in it,thanks again.
  19. Anybody have a Brandon dump body? looking at them but not sure how heavy (thickness of 450 brinell steel to go with) They offer a fha body with 3/16 floor and 5/32 sides and a fhd body with1/4 inch floor and 3/16 sides, I haul mostly dirt and asphalt but occasionally concert and broken asphalt.The difference in price is. Couple thousand+.
  20. Most dumps should have two feet of over hang from the back of the tire to the rear of the bed with the hinge mounted close to the end of the frame,so you really don't want or need much frame past the rear most tire .
  21. One good outcome is your oil will stay cleaner longer..
  22. Find the adjusting bolt on the face of the pressure plate,with the. Peddle depressed push n on the locking ring with a 5/8 box wrench and turn the bolt clockwise for more free pedal.Very important to measure inbeetween the clutch brake and the throw out bearing,has to be 1/2 to 9/16 inch. Do a search on here some has the whole procedure outlined.
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