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  1. Give access to the radiator cap. Seen it in a dealer book first I've ever seen in the flesh. I guess there is still hope forme finding a glass nose for my mixer.
  2. I looked at GMC's I ended up purchasing a 2016 Ram 5500 chassis Cummins and 8 speed manual, shortened the wheel base and put on a older Ram 8 foot bed. Replaced the duals with super singles, welded up a aluminum baffled 145 gallon auxiliary fuel tank to fit the full bed floor and use that for job sites and towing both my racecars.
  3. Soft top probably went on when the high back buckets were tossed in. It was for sale / sold about three or 4 times before Jetter Trucks got it in at least 2 other states. Thank god it will not be a rat rod. Easy, the striping is sign painters enamel and is way more weather resistant the the original Mack enamel. I have a few photos of it's sister rig. one very weathered before scrapping.
  4. Here is an other nugget, that skiff was GE/Tesla AC electric powered and still exists on Belgrade Lake, appears at the Clayton Boat Museum Regalia every year.
  5. AND? I've had mine since 1989 injected, computer controlled V6 4 speed and only put 40,000 on it in 30 years. You don't want it I'll come pick it up.
  6. From the late 1960's / 1970's when it was a reserve unit.
  7. Good fix. I didn't see the previous post but I've used 1971 Harley Davidson Sportster ignition points spring steel to replicate the contact unit. Your fix is a good idea. Paul
  8. I use a Garmin but generally rely on my common sense and a map. I do have a dash cam to C.M.A. against road idiots and other issues.
  9. Beautiful unit, hope it goes to a good home.
  10. Mere 40 miles from me. Nah ,not the M917 I bought two 1968 Am General 6x4 tractor units faster and blend in with traffic better. We got them in the middle, POPS Soda Ranch on Rte 66 in Arkadia, Oklahoma 600 plus brands of sodas including Maine Root and Deadwood Graveyard Delight.
  11. The one equalizer is well planned multi layers defensive positions planned and built over almost 4 years. All mortars and artillery had multiple preset aim points, inter meshed fields of fire, well build emplacements and bunkers,multi layered mine fields (including the Omaha cliffs). The losses at Omaha Beach were more severe than expected because the landings were of the mark by a large amount. They landed in an area somewhat softened directly in from of a multi story heavy bunker, the DD Shermans were dropped off to far from the beach and many sunk. Big saving grace was a few Destroyers came in close enough to nearly ground and fired on German bunkers, gun emplacements and wire to open a path off the beach.
  12. More visibility for the drivers image? I did look really close at a new Anthem today at Excel Mack in Richmond. Pretty much equipped as I would want.
  13. Send 1000 pallets of Butter Scotch Root Beer.....No make that 2000 pallets. Great stuff!! Almost a tie with Moxie. Got my face stuck in the bottle trying to get the last bit out
  14. The current crop of seat warmers seem to be of the mind that only a Pete or KW is a "real truckers truck" same group that runs to buy the GM pick up with the 9 function tailgate just because of the hype. My two AM General power units and my Marmon will do everything the new units do except two things. No computer and emissions issues and I am not allowed to go into Cali.Big whoop.
  15. There is a cure for the alphabet person syndrome . . . I believe it involves numbers
  16. So many KIA and wounded on Omaha Beach, Ike was seriously close to ordering the evac of the troops. Close to 4900 killed and wounded in less than 6 hours.
  17. The justice system treats the criminals 100% better than the elderly and veterans. We give the convicts health, education, internet, cable t.v., 3 square meals and now in many states felons will get their voting rights back. (NOT a right it is a privilege) What we give the elderly and many vets is a couple of bucks to pay for their healthcare and some cat food. A few politicians on the full term abortion band wagon are also pushing for the euthanasia of the elderly with Alzheimer's, Dementia and terminal issues to unburden the healthcare system. A short step to target other "burdens on society". We treat the illegals better than the old and vets. A good gauge on society is how they take care of the old and their veterans. Where do you think we stand by that criteria?
  18. Mid to late 90's when the offerings from the other manufacturers got caught up in the option packages instead of building 100% to spec.
  19. I'd have it repaired. I had a hood for one of my old Marmons repaired by a shop that specialized in Corvettes. Cheaper than a new or used hood and has had no issues for a few years. Paul
  20. That is the issue with most all crimes today, big or small. . ..zero fear of punishment and or punishment based on social or financial status. Smollett and the SAT are prime examples Many (most) DA's and Judges follow the laws by their views instead of the laws as written. As I was told on jury duty by a defense lawyer "there are different degrees of guilt and innocence". I told her No either guilty or not no in between. They didn't pick me.
  21. TEKNO. Lots of cool macks in 1:50 and 1:34! 1:50 is ok, I can scale it up in the scan for 3D printing in 1:25 and 1:10 for R/C
  22. Have a photo of one we saw on Niagara think is was a James Concrete unit.
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