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  1. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a decent cab for sale. My truck is a 1975 U 609T that I converted to single axle dump truck in 1988. I just don't think it is worth rebuilding mine again. I did it last in 2011, but the roof line and back wall are just too bad now. The rest of the truck is still very good, and my doors were new in 2011. I don't use it in the salt at all, so the doors are still just like new. I really don't want to build a new truck unless I just can't make this cab replacement work. Thank you, Jim
  2. i have not run the truck on the road yet . just making sure all is ok. thanks
  3. On my 2001 CH612, with a 310/330 engine, I have a 180 degree thermostat. At idle, I warm the truck up and watch the thermostat open and close while the gauge reads 175 when it opens and it cycles between plus or minus 171-175. I take a heat sensor gun and shoot the water manifold and it reads about 185 at the manifold. I then run the truck to get it warm while sitting still and at 1600 RPM. Once the gauge reads 200 my Kysor fan comes on and quickly cools the engine down, as it should, then the truck seems to stay at around 190 degrees, plus or minus. I'm concerned that my readings aren't c
  4. I have a 1975 U model that I restored in 2003. I still use it everyday. I made a mistake and just fixed the outside bottom of the doors instead of replacing the doors. Now I don't want to fix them, but the new door shells from Mack are $1100.00 each. I've checked on some aftermarket through ebay search but haven't put my hands on any. I would buy some good used if not all rotted out too. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, does anybody know where to get a new light tan, padded dash and compartment box that mounts on the back wall between the seats in the same truck? Thanks. Jim
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