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  1. Any or all the above.......Top up coolant, clean the radiator, swap out the thermostat, check viscous fan by spinning (engine off) to confirm it has resistance, or unplug the A/C high pressure switch to manually turn engine fan on and off (switch is on right side close to top bolt of radiator support member). Last effort, have a radiator shop "rod out" plugged core or replace radiator.
  2. We did it often in our Dealership. You need to find a CCRS engine with the same HP rating. Get a chassis vin from 2003 that was pre-egr (and CCRS) then use that to parts search. Mack stopped selling the full camshaft kit. You can still get a good cam and full kit from PAI, it is equal quality of OEM and costs much less. Also take the high restriction ex manifold off and switch back to a 2003 pre-egr manifold. Take the turbo exhaust shell off and hog it to match the flow outlet. I have a contact for 50HP injectors. You'll gain 50HP with no modification beyond an injector swap out. About $75 per tip. AI can be a great engine but you need to throw a little $$ into it. Most of our guys left the cam alone and did a "breather" mod on it with injectors and manifold switch. If you take away exhaust restriction you can nullify the AI, injectors do the rest.
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