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  1. Challenger: what should my fuel pressure be at idle and under full throttle? That sounds pretty easy to rig up, I’ll try that once it warms up a bit. Don’t use the truck a lot in the winter and it’s been damn cold lately.
  2. Been a long time since I posted on this but I hope it brings it back to the top. Well it’s been like a year and a half and I still have the same problem, lack of power. Could the fuel lift pump last the long and still be weak? Truck runs well just gutless at speed, drove today and 60 was tops. Have a body gauge and it shows 20+ pounds. Filters are all good, since the original post have had injectors cleaned and valves set and still same problem. How would I go about checking fuel pressure if it were that? My closest dealer is over an hr away and I’m tired of spending money and not getting the problem fixed. This dog used to growl, now it whimpers.....
  3. Also, to add to my dilemma, my MPG is down to about 4.3. Could that give any more idea on what my problem could be? If it is low fuel pressure would my MPG go down as well?
  4. So is this plug on the intake where I can put in a boost sensor? Any reccomendations for an aftermarket gauge? I'd rather put it in myself rather than take it to the dealer if possible. I'd also like an actual dial gauge rather than something that reads off an ECM. Thanks for the help.
  5. Where would I install a boost gauge sensor on a 2000 E7 350? Is there already a hole with a plug in it somehow were? Any suggestions on where to get a gauge? Order from dealer? Thanks for for the help
  6. Would the truck run fine if the lift pump was weak? The truck seems to run excellent, no smoking or missing, just no power. I'm not sure on exhaust gas temps cause i don't have a guage for that. Engine temp is normal, and all filters have been changed. Is there an easy way to check for a boost leak?
  7. Wondering if you guys can help me out. My 2000 Mack CH613 has no top end power. When I first got it it had plenty of power at all speeds. It would got 70 fully loaded into a wind. Now all of a sudden it won't go at highway speed. It's like it's not even trying, it's not blowin smoke, it's not even trying. It just goes about 60 and if I go behind some trees where the wind is shielded it will go up to 65 and then when I get back in the wind drop back down to 60. I've had it in the dealer and they checked it over and couldn't find anything. Of course with not trailer it's not recognizable, but with even an empty trailer it doesn't wAnna get up and go. I'm stumped and it's frustrating, losing money by not getting more loads in a day. I'm running it on a side dump. It has an E7 motor. Any ideas? Could the foot pedal throttle sensor be off or something? Like I said it's not it's not even trying to go faster....
  8. So what I'm getting is the fact that it is high hours but not necessarily out of line for a dump/vocational truck. I'll try and get some maintenance records from the previous owner and or the original dealership if possible. 20,000 hrs does spook me a little but I guess that's because I'm used to the hours on our tractors which are all under 8000.
  9. Hello everyone, new poster here but been looking around the site a while. Wanted to get some opinions on a Mack I'm looking at since I've never used one. It's a 2000 CH CH613 with E7 motor at 350 HP. It's got 310,000 miles and just had a new turbo but in. 10 speed manual tranny with 417 rears. Overall truck looks extremely clean, owned by a private guy, new tires, no leaks, just a real well kept truck by the looks of it. Is there anything to worry about with this truck? Do you think this combo has enough HP to pull 80,000 at 65 mph? We run end dumps and it's about an 80 miles round trip but hardly any hills. Also curious about low end torque on these things? We go in and out of fields and have to start from standing still with a full load on soft ground. The truck I'm running now (International 8100 with M11 cummins) struggles mightily to get moving with that on. Also any other tips or things to look for would be appreciated. Have a few friends who are telling me not to do it cause they say Macks' are to brand specific/expensive but we have a dealer about 80 miles away that I hear is pretty good. What say you??? Thanks...............
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