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  1. I have a 07 chn-613 with an AC-460. It has 670,000 miles on it. Blink code 49 comes on when I'm just cruising along and goes away if you mash the gas or let it just coast. In December, I took it to dealer and they said EGR cooler was clogged. Long story short cooler was only two years old and now the blink code comes on more often now after being replaced. The truck doesn't run any differently and fuel mileage hasn't changed. I'm looking for suggestions of what it is. They said the reason for the code was because the mass flow tube reads egr temps and if there is a big discrepancy in temps it sends the code. Apparently acceleration and deceleration causes the temps to get closer to specs. Is this a really big deal?
  2. Thinking of putting a tuner on my 2007 AC-460. Looking for better fuel mileage not so much more horsepower.I took the muffler off and put in a hi flow air filter and that takes it up to about 5.9 MPG. I pull a tank and have pump off time just about everyday. Before I made the changes I could only get about 5.0 to 5.1 MPG out of it. I don't want more fuel economy at the risk of shortening the life of the engine itself. Any ideas on what is out there as far as a tuner goes. I have been talking to a guy about a "Steinbauer" any opinions?
  3. Hey Mike Looking to get a Superliner for the next project. Hopefully I can do one that we take all the way down to the last bolt and then go back together. The main thing I'm looking for is that I find one with a good solid cab. I would like it to have air ride too but I'm pretty flexible on that.
  4. Was wondering if anybody knows if a guy can buy a replacement wiring harness for a early nineties R Model?
  5. Congrats Mike. nice seeing you again Like the look without the wing Mikey has his Rawhide looking good too.
  6. Hey Gambi I don't think it was me. I haven't been on I-39 for a year or two. Larry
  7. Thanks Trent I was looking for you on Friday. I saw your R-Model park there. Did you get in there on Thursday or Friday?
  8. !st for graphics 1st for OEM interior 3rd in our class 2007 to 2001 Working Truck Bobtail A participation trophy
  9. Sorry about that Thanks to everybody. I didn't see the other posts until I made the last post
  10. Thanks Mike Jeanette and I appreciate it. We had no idea we would do that well Thanks again Larry
  11. Really? Black latex paint, I would haver never guessed that
  12. Maybe I'm showing my age. The old timers would tire black their tires. I have tires on my B model that are discolored and I was trying to find tire black. I can remember Dupont made some at one time, like in the late 70's. Some of those guys would mix gasoline and maybe black paint, I can't remember for sure. If anybody has a solution for me let me know Thanks Fireman
  13. It has about 14 winches or so and it is air ride spread axle
  14. Also it has two 48" boxes and I'll throw in some tarps and straps. Let me know and I'll take pics and send them to you.
  15. Hey Gambi I'm looking to sell mine. It's a 88 Ravens 48' x 96" spread axle. I have a side kit (new panels acouple of years ago) for it too. The tarp is a rollover tarp. I know an 88 is old but it has good arch to it. New tires last year and brakes are fairly new and it has the dump valve for the rear axle. I don't pull it very much and when I do it's to haul grain so I figured I would just get an end dump. Thanks Larry
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