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  1. Here is an update on the 83 I purchased in Wyoming from Osborne. We got the Mack build records and painted it back to the original colors except for the black inside the frame. V8 runs strong, Mack 9spd, Spicer 4spd, mack rears on air. Queston? does the mount and sunvisor look factory?
  2. Our lowboy Mack is an 05 with a Mack 18spd.........no problems at all. It is a stiff feeling shift but you get used to it. Mack rears are the undisputed mileage champs but really not necessary for highway use. I test drove the M drive and it is impressive.
  3. You got it all right there mate............should of added a urinal though...........gotta bad time from my blokes when I didn't put one in the man cave!
  4. The silver cab is just sitting on the frame of the red one. The added sheet metal on the left is the storage box.
  5. The brackets for the wind deflectors look factory installed? It is the short bunk version and measures 70". it is also a 1961 model. When I get it off the trailer and can get the cab up I will send more pics. I had 3 other G models including one that had the grill on the left side for the air intake. The silver cab was from a G 77 also and was just like new. Note the red cab is about 10" shorter than the silver cab too. On the 61 I just got there is a factory storage box right behind the door for the cab jack.
  6. Brought home a G77 one owner .........Nice truck that came with a 300 cummins. Note the frame modification made at the factory for the blower. There are brackets on the cab? is that where the mirrors should be in lieu of the door mount?
  7. mackdaddy

    New Baby

    Manders Diesel in Minn. had 2 of these back in the late 80's. I was tempted at that time to buy one. I don't know if one or both are still at his yard or not? They both were for sale.
  8. There was a White like that at the ATHS show in Fontana, CA. It was really a sharp truck and I knew something was different about it based on it's posture.
  9. is Tryon still a broker out that way for steel haulers?
  10. I believe it was posted on this site a CL ad in AZ showed one for sale.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the information. Mike, I would love to get some stick time in but can't commit at this time. Thanks for the generous offer! Rodeway Inn looks great and the hint of good old PEEA Italian food suits me just fine. I was born and grew up in the New Castle, PA area. Doug do we contribute/pay for the clam bake at that time? let me know and put down 2 of us.
  12. I have a couple projects going in Maryland and DC so I am shipping my Harley back and riding up to the show with a good friend. It will be the first time I have been to the show so really looking forward to it. Thought about running the big Aussie Mack out but it is too damn high to ship on any of our lowdecks so I'd have to drive both ways.. what hotel is a good one?
  13. Saw that yellow fire truck heading east on I-80 in Truckee, CA this past weekend!
  14. Anyone know who makes this type of exhaust? it was popular on Detroit V8's too. Note that the diamond plate is just a cover over the baffle.
  15. I know this is a much discussed topic in the past but..........again, who makes the headers for the V8 and do they add that much to the performance? How about the sound?
  16. if you go to hanks and follow the ATHS truck shows for the early Brooks ones it in there.
  17. Who'd ever buy this on eBay ?? the traitor.htm
  18. No it was the same color
  19. Mike, It was a BM and was sold to an ATHS member in New Mexico............can't remember his name.
  20. I would assume many of you either knew or met Bob Brown over the years. He was a truck collector before it was a hobby and also worked for Mack trucks for many years. He was a mechanical genius and could do anything. I was fortunate to end up with his Mack AP conversion. I put this on the hood today.
  21. I like how the fuel tanks are behind the cab and just steps under the doors. And like a lot of west coast trailers you can see the kingpin setting is maybe 18" and you cannot move the trailer forward to cover the front duals. My Trailmobile which was a west coast is set up like that. I would seem to be more for a single axle but that was not common at all in the west.
  22. This is currently for sale on ebay as a slide........
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