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  1. I have a collection of Mack songs that were produced when Zenon was boss. One is done by Roger Miller in the tune of King of the Road and it is titled......Mack makes the world's best trucks. another favorite is Feather River Canyon by Johnny Cash's brother............name slips me. anyone listened to Dale Watson? He has some outstanding trucking songs that he wrote himself. and my theme song for being in this hobby....Jr Brown and Red Simpson singing Semi Crazy..........might have a little shimmy in this cracker box Jimmy but I aint cracked up yet!
  2. I have an R719 that I restored. I assume yours has the twin turbo V8 as well?
  3. Did not know that they put the in line 6 in the later Valueliners. Here is the V8 model I imported over to the US.
  4. Tony Champion's recently restored G model......... Wow!
  5. Several people I know have updated LT's on late model chassis. I am just about to start on taking an 88 Superliner with V8 and all Mack components and putting an LT on it. I want to make the cab quieter and more comfortable along with better steering.
  6. I believe that bloat in the lower pic with the flintstone is Mr Mack himself...........Tony "the" Champion??
  7. I am planning on leaving the trucks at the Mack Customer Center and then bringing them to Macungie........that includes the Aussie Value liner. My Aussie friends who are driving the Value liner just landed in Seattle tonight.
  8. East bound and down at the end of the week........
  9. I am willing and able. I could not open the picture. I have not heard of these trucks?
  10. Ken, I am planning on having Phil meet up with a friend who is driving my MH back. They should meet after the first day in Elko, NV. I am thinking of just having him go bobtail so there are no hassles at scales etc but a trailer will make for a better ride. I just hate to have 2 Aussies hung up at a scale driving a right hand drive truck and trying to explain themselves!!
  11. I am planning on having this Value liner at York PA
  12. There was a great story in Bulldog about a test Mack did with 3 F models. they were numbered 318, 335, and 325..........you know what they are. They did a run from Allentown to San Francisco and compared fuel, speed, and number of times shifted. the maxidyne did an amazing job winning in all 3 categories. they also have a video from a helicopter of a lot of the run. I will find the article and post it when I get a chance. I also have the promotional barrels that they compared with fuel usage. The blue was Mack white Cummins and red Detroit. I cannot remember the # of shifts but the Detroit was many X more than the Mack.
  13. Norm is one of my best friends! includes Jane too! Here is a pic of Norm with the usual Mack crowd that gathers at Plymouth, CA each year. Norm gets in early and defend the prime parking area for us. So I awarded him that year with the Mack king of the hill award. Of course the wine was flowing and a good time was had.
  14. Were they actually 1005 cubes? I have been told that the 998 are as well?
  15. The Mustang H model has a 1693TA and I had it dyno'd showing 495hp at the driver. It has a modified pump and turbo on it. I have never driven an engine that is as smooth running yet sounds like ball bearings on the tops of the pistons. It has tremendous torque and it seem like the heavier and harder the pull the more grunt I get from it. Just love driving it.
  16. I take it then that the floor is not recessed in the cab like the western B series?
  17. sweet looking B model and first time I noticed one piece windshields on the new ones.
  18. I need some help on this one. It is a B615? but it looks like the long aluminum hood that a 755 should have?
  19. Yea, the old boy is about as Texan as you can get too. He apologized several times about the bumper being on there as some neighbor kid he let drive the truck for a short while put it on it. He has the old original B bumper in chrome. Mike, I did end up with ol G model too. Neat story on it as well. I could never get anyone to call me back on that sleeper on CL Let me know where to send donations to MTAA and when the next local chapter meeting is!!!! I could really benefit from it!!
  20. I feel fortunate to have driven a 6cyl maxidyne with a 5spd. It is a driving experience like no other engine/ tranny combo can give you. Especially when it hits that sweet spot and the torque kicks in.
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