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  1. I found two pics of exact my truck from the 30s. Hyde Park Cincinatti Stadion 46 Engine 46! Looking for one historic pic from the rig before the station maybe someone have? Only found the newer Seagrave rig which they have in service as ENG46 after my truck from 1955 to 1976
  2. Thought Mack also built their own transmissions and rear axles, also have the IM logo cast in... Must disassemble the pump it don`t run till the 60s I think. The bronze volume/pressure regulating sleeve stucks in the pump (must make a special puller tool) and many dirt, rust in...But the pump rotor turns over free if I hand crank the engine. The front priming pump (to prime the pump with water if water sucked from lake) also stucks, I think they only use hydrants.
  3. No the VIN is 6AP, thought AP model, but looks that is will be an early B model...
  4. Yes I know up to 36 they named International. I've found also another later logo found with MT Mack Truck. Do you know with pump style it is, does not look like Ahrens Fox piston type. Thanks Matt
  5. Hello Everybody. I put out the fuel and booster tank so the pump could be good seen and I wondering it's really a Mack built 750 gpm pump not std. Northern or Hale. In which time period did they built their own pumps, 1934 fits? It also looks like a different non rotary type design, there are one driveshaft from the trans and divided with a gear ratio in two which going in the pump, looks like a roots blower design Inside like Detroit Diesel have...?
  6. And what model in real BG, BQ or really AP? You mean the slotted louvers not the 7 spuare ones?
  7. Maybe I also post a pic from the dashboard layout, the AP and early B use different styles, this one have the tach completely to the left and the speedo in center.
  8. Many thanks for the Informations on that trucks!! I already look at the cfd side last week but not so intensive and saw the old black/white pic and VIN #close to mine as I posted, also wrote an email but no reply and thought also that it was in service for CFD. Actually it have 50s paint on maybe 60s and it have a 1 on both sides so ENG1 from another smaller town FD? Still wondering that it will be an early B Model BQ and not AP, I looked at other VIN`s so early B`s also have that series in the VIN like 6BG....So it must be built in 1934. Still wondering that it was delivered with steel rims, nearly all others where delivered with cast spokes from Mack, maybe cast are heavy duty for heavier load? Saw also early pumpers with dual rear tires, this have single. Still waiting what the Mack Museum mailing. I don`t find anything from that Kellog rig which should be in the Netherlands.... Greetings Matt
  9. No there no remains of any letters or Kellog on the hood or anywhere else, also wondering because the paint looks old. They also do not stenceling any FD letters on a pumper? You saw the same model pumper here in Europe? What do you think about the built date 1932-33 could be? Does anybody knows the exact engine type EN..707....and more data like torque and rpm limit at 150hp, 2100? Thanks Matt
  10. Thanks all for information. Just wondering because at the the ID plate in the cab is staying model AP and why not BQ and this only means the engine and the VIN's AP also stays for engine type...
  11. Ok sounds good thanks, maybe someone know Infos also here
  12. Maybe someone can help me, I bought a 1933 (I think) Mack AP Type 19 Pumper Firetruck, I think 750gpm pump, seller says it have a Mack built pump and they only use it up to 1932? It does habe the big AP 707cui 150hp 6inline gas engine. Could someone tell me more history info/built date from the serial #6AP6S 1061 or to which department it was delivered, Cincinatti CFD? If not where can I get further Infos? I found the same looking AP Type 19 model serial #1050 from Cincinatti FD at internet and they say built 1933 but if true...Wondering some AP`s have the 7 big squared side Hood louvers and other the slotted ones and both trucks should be from 1932 or 1933, or with the slotted ones are BG models? The 1933 have normal steel rims and 1932 cast spokes? Thanks, Matt
  13. It should take one gallon per mile they say! A massive consumption, how should it work technically, if you screw the carburator (updraft) away and use a tube with a flap and fill the gas directly in it will not take so much. The engine was built between 1927 to 1936 I think and they used it in AC, AP, BG trucks normally in firetrucks and commercial trucks? Anyone an idea if that is true can`t believe that. Had an old Army M62 5ton medium wrecker truck had around 600cui Continental 6cyl. and does not take 1quart per mile, but one gallon? Thanks Matt
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