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  1. I see a lot of Rangers on the road here, must be selling good. What do you think Kscarbel?
  2. Union LEADERSHIP greed that helped themselves, not members, has killed more union jobs than any other reason. Most if not all union leaders were members who spent most of there time looking for reasons to not work and still get paid, that is why they got into leadership roles. Good workers do not need a union, lazy workers do. I say this on Labor Day and am a 34+ year OEU member. By the way a 30+ year old Mack truck that has been maintained would be a money maker next to any 2019 junk on the road today.
  3. Back when Ford built B, C, F and L model medium duty trucks and GMC was a real truck, not a Buick SUV.
  4. Dodge Truck built and sold a lot of C-800 single axle dumps and tractors with the 413's for power. There were a lot of C-800 plow trucks around the Detroit area.
  5. Kscarbal you gave a great reply to that person. I feel that most everyone on BMT supports you for what you do share Mack history with us and you must use a lot of your free time to do it.
  6. Somebody out there is going to take a F-750 with this engine, add a lift axle and make a very low cost tandem dump for seasonal use.
  7. One Bid? Was Navistar the only one asked to bid? Or was it written so only they could meet the specifications? There is more to this.
  8. Roadway I think the real medium-duty market now is 19,500 - 26,000 GVW, non CDL. Ford seems to have that covered, what do you think?
  9. I happen to own a Cat machine that meets Tier 4. There is a market for Cat truck engines, Cat has deeper pockets than Cummins, Daimler or Volvo. Volvo puts the same junk in there equipment as they do there trucks. Cat dealer truck engine people I talk to think Cat could make C15 meet Tier 4 in a truck.
  10. There is a market out there for new Cat truck engines. I can say this what I see at the Cat dealer I use (Michigan Cat) the truck side works on Cat truck engines, Cat truck engine owners want new trucks with new Cat engines. They do not want gut less X15 and DD15 engines. Owners of 15-20+ year old trucks with Cat engines keep fixing them. There are just less trucks out there with Cat engines in them, the trucks are wearing out.
  11. I would guess every Ford dealer can and wants to sell all Ford trucks up to F-550. 500 Ford dealers can sell F-650 and F-750, I take that to mean they can do air brakes. 400 more dealers for F-650-750 in 4 years is a lot, Ford sees Chevy in the rear view mirror and put the foot to the floor. If I was Navistar I would worry about Ford. Ford put money in to the F-Max in Europe, why not a bigger better F- Series here? They seem to have the dealers that want to sell them. I would bet that the larger and older Ford Truck dealers are asking Dearborn about ISB and Allison. I still think that an Avon Lake built F-650 based Cargo would sell. Ford may never build a F-850 or FT-850, but who knows.
  12. Ford has 500 dealers selling the F-650 up from 100 in 2015, Ford is doing something right. 500 dealers selling medium-duty trucks is why sales are up. They are going to want more and better trucks to sell. In 1997 Ford had the Cargo, some L- series, maybe B-series and larger F-series lineup to sell in medium-duty. Avon Lake built Cargo and bigger F medium-duty cab could make Ford the leader. I wonder what Ford is thinking?
  13. Kscarbel I do agree with you that the US cannot be the policeman of the world and I sure hope that the Saudi's are footing some (should be most) of the cost.
  14. Like it or not Iran is heading for a ass kicking. As for if we can afford it, may be we can get some of the cash POS Obama gave them back. Take care of this now, or wait for a dark cloud to happen over here some day, I do not think we can afford that.
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