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  1. 65' Mack B81SX 20speed twin stick,complete truck,58k rears,originally V8 truck, now has 285 Mack inline 6.Roof Air.Comes with extra cab (1961 B81),many many parts including 100ton fifth wheel or late model fontaine 5th.Sell truck whole will separate extra parts.Call or Text 732-569-4292 ask for Tombstone.SERIOUS BUYERS only.Cab is not shot,had 2 trucks,could only keep one.Other cab has no hole for roof air,real nice doors almost rust free, available on its own. The phone is the same,everything must go,have many parts, limited computer use.
  2. All the criticism on this site, I wouldn't try to sell anything.Like Dad always said if you don't have any thing nice to say ,go f**k yourself.
  3. Underinflation!! Causes zipperrips, which is a steel belted tire that becomes low, allowing the sidewall to fold, causing the steel belts to break. Almost impossible to see and when the tire is reinflated it just becomes a matter of time before the tire( recap or non recap)opens up like a zipper. Also drivers doing cheezy repairs ex. putting a plug in a tire instead of disassembling the tire and patching it correctly. The tool also tears the steel belts and allows the tire to rip. Instead of just walking around kicking the sidewalls, drivers should check inflation pressures periodically, keep tires properly inflated and check for road hazards like screws, nails, bolts, etc., perform repairs immediately instead of airing up low tires everyday, and rule# 1 stay off of the shoulder. You'll find with a little common sense and proper amount of maintenance your tires will rarely "blowout" caps or otherwise ( If you care about your equipment you'll stay away from caps). Just a little food for thought, Tombstone.
  4. Years ago hauled salt to all the townships. First ran 24/7 in Port Newark from the ship to an empty lot inside the port. When the ship was empty we'd fill truck orders going to all the townships and road garages in the state. Rates were determined by tonnage and distance. Money was good, as long as you hustled and played politics. TOMBSTONE
  5. I was offered one in South Jersey years back, it was a 67' with a tilt nose(fiberglass), metallic blue, roof air, 36" single sleeper, single axle with a lift axle behind it. Also had old style tube type aluminum wheels. Power was 335 cummins and I believe the tranny was a Fuller 13. The owner ran it in the Forked River area pulling a dump trailer. The guy that had it couldn't produce a title so I turned it down, but I do have the original hood ornament. TOMBSTONE P.S.- Does anyone have a picture of Allegro Carting's 76 A-car show truck, seen around Secaucus late 70's, early 80's. It was white with 2 green stripes, wide nose, all chrome, Thanks.
  6. What motor is it? I have an E7 with external injectors and I have the same problem. It runs good under a load, but after a few miles at about 1600rpm it starts to miss and eventually becomes a clunk, makes the tranny shake and the oil pressure drops from 62psi down to 50psi. Replaced the heads, one of the injectors(#4 was clacking),drained and changed the antifreeze(it was real dark) and still have the problem. Anyone have a clue, would appreciate any feedback. Thanks TOMBSTONE.
  7. I remember when Conforti's DM was Central Jerseys DM. What a difference, good job! TOMBSTONE
  8. Good to see all those trucks, brought back a lot of memorys, especially those Kennedy trucks. I spent weeks of my life tearing apart those F models, then drilling hundreds of holes in R model gliders, so I could make new ones out of old ones. I hope I never have to touch another frame drill. Last I heard Kennedy was trading as U.S. Gypsum, and so it goes.TOMBSTONE
  9. The Brandywine shop is in Avenel just south of Rahway Prison on the same side of the road. The owner is a dealer and willing to sell anything at the right price. Nice guy if it's the same owner,likes to haggle. TOMBSTONE
  10. Name: 1965 Mack B81 Tandem Dump Date Added: Owner: Tombstone Tombstone
  11. Low milage truck,excellant drivetrain.ENDT673,runs beautiful.5Speed direct trans.,single axle.new rubber front and back(rags).Truck is almost complete,best offer on all parts.Call for needs,908-910-0961 anytime,or e-mail ftwtombstone69@hotmail.com.Truck is located in South Jersey,P/U or can deliver.Thanks.TOMBSTONE.
  12. I drove a 64' 2stick A Car(imagine that) on a muddy site job down neck Newark off Ave P,and I hate to say it but all day long I had to drive around stuck in the mud brand new(1978) DM800's.AHHHH the memories,one shovelfull from an old cable operated steam shovel.Every foot there was a different color chemical oozin' from the ground.The amazing thing,after they filled the 48' hole with fresh fill, they built a meat packing plant.Makes ya wanna stop eating meat.LOL But the most amazing thing was that 20spd. with it's little 220 cumapart never got stuck,loaded or empty.TOMBSTONE
  13. That looks like the same cab and hood as a 66' WHITE I'm cuttin' up,need any parts,call me 732-966-0745 TOMBSTONE.Nice job on the resto!
  14. That's what they make insurance for.(all that matters is the drivers health)TOMBSTONE
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